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LiBra Clan

Hi guys…. and Gals…. 🙂
Fiuhh…. finally! I decide to try blogging (Thanks to Mr. Goyo:p)

So… this will be my first post (go get the bottles, we need to break something for this :D)

Soo… lets the story begin……. for the first post… lets talk about Libra zodiac 😀 nothing special actually… but since its my zodiac, then it become special for me and the other Libran 😀 I believe that you’re thinking the same thing for your zodiac 🙂

Hmm… so whats so special about this zodiac??? Well… I’ve never realized this before I read the articles. But, Libra is the only zodiac signs (out of 12) which is not animated or representing human or animals. Since we (human, astrologers to be precised :p) believe that this zodiac represents the zenith of the year , the high point of a seasons; this zodiac became the most desirable of zodiacal types. You know what is the most special thing about Libra??? have you seen saint seiya??? Well… in that story, the golden saints Libra just happen to be the main enemy (so called the boss), which….. of course, means that this zodiac is the strongest :p heheheh (personal opinion :D). I was really small at that time though (I still remember the theme song :p heheheheh….). So, when I watch it again at this age, it seems a little bit off :p

web libra

Librans are said to be the most civilized of the twelve zodiac and are often good looking (nothing personal, sue them if you disagree :D). Most of the people (Libran) whom I met usually have this kind of aura around them. Elegance, charming, and good taste (I don’t really agrees with the last one :p). They also kind, very gentle, and lovers of beauty, harmony (both in music and social living) and the pleasures that these bring.

Librans are also good for a leader role since they have good critical faculty…. and are able to stand back and look impartially at matters or problems which call for an impartial judgment. We are said to be sensitive to the need of others. Thats why we can make you feel better for having been with us. Of course, with that kind of personality, we are naturally very social. I do feel this is true, especially when I go to a new place. There is this enormous desire to start looking for a new friend 🙂

if somehow you are end up trying to find someone for a peacemaker, maybe Librans are a good choice. We loathe cruelty, viciousness and vulgarity. We also detest conflict between people. So we will do our best to cooperate and compromise everyone around us 😀 Our cast of mind is rather artistic (although it would be the opposite for my case). We have good perception and observation (hmmm??? not me :p)

However, we do have negative side though…. We can’t tolerate argument from anyone who challenges our opinions. Sometimes I felt that what I did is a little bit too much. For instant, once I have conclude my opinion, I tend to think that mine is the best possible conclusion 🙂 We’re blinded by our mind and think that we are always right. Although during the argument we realize that we were wrong, we will keep pushing it to the limit :p (quite annoying, i know :p). impatience to criticism and greed for approval are also our characteristics. But…. however…. nevertheless…. :p Our characters are on the whole balanced,diplomatic and even tempered.

How about love for Libran??? Well… one thing for sure. Love is personal, and I don’t really like to talk about it :p so… no choice. We’ll skip this part 😀

Hmmm…. hmmm….. so? Got any idea about me yet???? 😀 Well… maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Its not one of my concern anyway :p hehehehe….. Oohh… one more thing. Most of the content given in this post are actually taken from this website (Thanks to the owner :p sorry for copying it w/o your consent :D).

well, I think this is good enough for a start 🙂 Hopefully I can find a strong reason and enough time to continue posting articles in this blog. Wish me a good luck, will you? 🙂

Note: The picture shown was taken from here w/o permission.


17 Responses

  1. Huahahahaha! Welcome bro!…

    Dude, a post in a blog does not necessary to be a story about you. In fact, nobody cares about your daily life! Kidding!… however, it’s your thoughts and ideas that we (readers) care. It would be good if you can share your knowledge, concern or findings.. so, keep on writting bro!…

  2. To goyo: Oooowwww… come on! Give me a break will you 😀 It just shows that the content is unique (read: I am clueless :p)
    Anyway… thanks for passing by. Waiting for yur next visit my friend 🙂

  3. Huahahhahaa…jangan pundung dong boss…kan namanya juga ngasih saran ^^.
    Anyway, what ever it is, its you style ^^

  4. Hai…. Cowokk….

    wit wiw!! 😛

  5. waw, welcome to this world..
    IMHO, a blog is a personal website to share everything in your mind. I myself choose a name ‘diary’. And the content will mostly talk about me.
    BTW, go Aries..

  6. excuse me, how are u?

    may i have ur permission to have my comment in here for now and then 😀

  7. Oi boss…mana tulisan-tulisannya? kok sepi ya????

  8. Ku…perasaan gw ya rajanya boss musuh di saint seiya itu golden gemini deh (which incidentally happens to be my zodiac..:D).

  9. Arghh Wil, talking about zodiac, you remind me with ‘Four Eyes’ host at trans7, Mr Tukul Arwana. He almost talking abput it in every its episode. BACK TO LAPTOP!!!

  10. adi item : Hallo juga cintaku, sayangku, pujaan hatiku 😀

    FRL : Yup2… go aries!!! 😀 take that Goys!!! hahahhahaha

    Danang : Hallo Nang!! I’m fine, thanks 😀 How nice of you to visit me 🙂 wait for my visit to yours next time.. and of course, feel free to leave your comment

    Ridwan : Arghhh…. you… and your complains :p heheheh Be patient. The engine is still kicking and running, just need a little bit free time.. 😀 wait for the next one, k?

    Widi : Argh… masa sih??? BUkannya Libra ya??? Hmm… Wan… help me on this please 😀 pls confirm :p

    Rendra: Wew… may day… may day… we have Tukul fans over here!!! hahahha 😀

  11. Wiku, FRL,
    What? .. what? … what did i say that make you guys come at me?… I’m Sagittarius, by the way…

  12. since i’m having ur permission, don’t complain about my junk OK??

    just kidding 😀

  13. Goys: Hahahahahahha…… one more time… take that Goys!!! :p

    Danang: Gladlly accepted Nang 🙂 give me your junks… we love it :p hehehehheh

  14. waduh.. lanjutin ma zodiak laen dunk,, kabarnya kan ada zodiak baru,,, nah kayaknya seru….

  15. cutelittlefie: Wahh… serius?? Minta artikelnya dong :p tar saya masukin sini deh 😀

  16. Ups, like that ? Thanks for the link so i can see about mine [leo]

  17. Off topic – Help with PM?
    lost password
    Boss Resurfacing
    Boss Resurfacing

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