30 minutes of orgasm?? are you kidding me??

Hey dudes. Have you heard about this one?? Pig’s orgasm last for 30 minutes!?!!? *(@#$*(@#(#…. are you kidding me?? 30 minutes?? I would love to have that!! hahahahah…. It’s really awesome isn’t it?? I mean.. 30 minutes?? Wow…. even 1 minute would be really good since its usually last in seconds :p


The picture is taken from here w/o permission

This statement has not been proven yet. Well…. I haven’t found the proof to be precise šŸ™‚ But still… I am not going to prove it anyway. I don’t like the idea of standing inside the pigsty and watching the pig…. er…. you know… doing their “business”… and timing the orgasm time :p hehehehe…. And one more thing… Eventhough it’s not true… It still good enough to amaze me to the point of dreaming to be a pig to have that kind of “abilities” :p (way to go… pig!!!)

Hmmm…. eventhough they also said that lion mates 50 times a day… but… well… 30 minutes man!!! quality over quantity, don’t you think?? šŸ˜€ Even if you do it 50 times, and you have each orgasm for about… say… 5 seconds… it only counts for 6 minutes and 10 seconds :p (long live the pig!!!)




Darn it… I am still thinking about how they actually do it. Maybe they have some kind of special technique for it :p hehehehhe ….. 30 minutes!!! lucky bastard!! hahahahha… we should change “go get them, tiger!” to “go get them, pig!” :p hehehhe…..


12 Responses

  1. Go get them Wik!!!

  2. Don’t be such a pig, dude! .. šŸ˜€

  3. may be if u so courious, u can buy a candle than be a “ngepet” then prove it urself

  4. jadi inget lagu.. i’n a pig pig man in a pig pig word….
    eh itu bukan siy syairnya… šŸ˜€

  5. ngomong2 soal ngepet jadi inget temen gw…

    ….. *lagi ngomongin soal film horor*…..
    Temen Q (T): eh, inget gak siii itu lohhh.. film horor ABG tea.. duh.. tenar banget..
    Q : apaan sih??
    T : ituhh.. yang ada apa.. apa tuh.. sapa tuh namanya?
    Q : hah? apaan?
    T : AKH!.. suster ngepet!!..
    Q : *bengong*.. suster ngepet? ngesot kali maksud elu…
    T : *keukeuh*.. bukannn!!! suster ngepet!
    Q : ?!?!?!?!… ada juga babi ngepet… suster ngesot!…. *sambil mikir, “ni orang udah kelamaan di jepang ni kayanya”*

    PS: sorry, indonesian reader only..

  6. Eeeuww,, (ga se-euww itu sih,, but still,,)

    masa ampe diitungin sih,, ckckck,,

  7. Ridwan: Who I should get?? you?? :p hehehehhe

    Goys: I won’t…. without you šŸ˜€

    Danang: Wow… talking from experience, huh! hahahhaha….

    Pu: Wew… ce cakep mampir lagi :p hihihihi… Tapi mbok ya lagunya up to date toh….. šŸ˜€

    Q: Wakss… dilarang cerita seram disini. Ada yang atut :p

    Rizma Adlia: Hehehhe…. kan kita ga pada tau ilmunya bu dokter :p yang kayak gini2 ini yang menarik buat jadi bahan obrolan :p hihihihi

  8. 30 minutes orgazm… Oh.. Is that possible..! I think is ot possible but my be one can be do it. I don’t know

  9. Prim: Well… we can always try, can’t we? :p hehehe… just hold it long enough, or pretend to have it goes for 30 mnt šŸ˜€

  10. begh..dah tau dari kemaren2 sih…tapi eh beneran ga tuh? emang normalnya berapa lama sih? -alah jadi nanya-

  11. Ninoy: Ga tau deh bener enggaknya šŸ˜€ Normalnya berapa lama ya?? Tanya ama yang dah nikah aja ya :p kekekekek….

  12. So when wife calls me a pig…. it’s actually a compliment.

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