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How to change your travel bag lock combination??

Hohoho… howdy. Yesterday, I just bought a new travel bag with one of my friend. We met up in Outram Park and went to Mustafa to buy things. Well… most of the things which I bought were for my travel to Indonesia (probably next week :p lucky me!!). One of those thing, as I said earlier, is the travel bag. Well… the first time I went to Singapore, I only brought one tiny little bag and one backpack for my 10 sets of clothes. I know.. I know… I just realize later that I was going to stay here for at least 6 months before I can go back to Indonesia, and 10 sets of clothes is obviously not enough (stupid me :p hehehehe…) Well… since I’ve already settled here for almost two years… the things which I have to bring back to Indonesia are not simply 10 sets of clothes anymore. Its much more than that… Sighh… 😦 Thats the reason why I need a new bag now… A BIG one!!! 😀

As we look and search for the bag, we were discussing about the travel bag (Well… it will be strange if we talk about food instead :p) And then… we discuss about how to set the 3 number combination lock which is used to secure the bag. Hmmm… Wanna know how??

travel bag lock 1

Fig.1 3 number combination lock

The lock commonly used in the travel bag is the 3 number combination lock. As you can see from Fig.1, it consists of zipper, lock, key handle, number combination, and pinhole (usually on its side). In order to set the number combination, you have to know the previous number (If you don’t know the number, its highly possible that the bag is not yours :p). If you just bought the bag, than its usually set at 000. Now.. set the number combination to the right combination, i.e. 000. You can check whether its the correct number or not by pressing the key handle. After that, press the pinhole using a pin (you can use needle, wood matches, or any other pin like objects).

travel bag lock 2

Fig.2 Pinhole position and the pin used to press it

Keep pressing the pinhole using the pin (See Fig.3) and use your other hand to change the number combination that you would like to use, i.e. 333. Remember, always press the pinhole while you change the number, otherwise, it won’t work.

travel bag lock 3

Fig.3 Pressing the pinhole and changing the number combination

After you set the new number, release the pinhole. There, its all set!!! 😀 This new number will be your travel bag new combination (Fig. 4)

travel bag lock 4

Fig.4 Your new number combination 🙂

Well… thats all there is to it 🙂 I’ve heard that there is still a way to to open the bag in case you forgot the number or you manage to steal one a travel bag :p How?? (Its how to open the lock.. not how to steal it :p)…… Ok… try one of these:

1. Use a plier :p Cut it open!! hehehhehe….

2. Trial and error. Try the number one by one. Its time consuming, but definitely working :D…

3. This is a smarter way to do it. Set the number to 000. Then, press the key handle. Of course, it won’t open unless its the right combination. Now…. keep pressing the key handle while you rotate the number one by one. Starting from the left, rotate the number. The number will be stuck at one position. There!! Thats your first combination. Continue with the second one. Keep doing this until you get the third number. There you go… you can open the lock now 🙂

notes: These 3 tips are meant to help you to open your travel bag, only yours!!! I am not responsible for any other use of these methods 🙂


22 Responses

  1. Questions!
    Are the last tips applicable for every bag that has this kind of lock? I mean, different brand?

    You know one thing that sucks about this? It’s that they (the bag manufacturer) don’t give you the directions on how you do it. No manual.

  2. You the sucks thing about open the lock using the third method (the clever one)? Knowing how to do that real late…

    I did open my bag once using 2nd method T_T

  3. Talking about travelling, I have information about that especially travelling in Pekanbaru. Visit my web blog…!

  4. wuiiiiii
    mas wiku bikin tutorial juga ya?

  5. Prim: I have visit your blog. Nice blog by the way 🙂 Keep it up Prim 😀

    Danang: Iya Nang… Kan demi ngajarin elo :p

  6. heh…tips yang lupa kalo nomor kombinasinya itu loh..kirain bakalan beneran ada cara2 khusus bukan dengan meraba2 -alah apaan coba- but keknya berguna juga tuh tips ang ke3, mo coba aaaah

  7. Ninoy: Ada sih cara khususnya 🙂 Tapi buat tas2 mahal aja nih. Mereka ada lubang kunci khusus buat kunci master yang dipegang ama orang2 bandara. Kalo mau pinjem kuncinya :p kekekke

  8. Hotel Break Stop

    Thanks, Interesting read.

  9. Bookmark to travel

    Bookmark to travel

  10. thanks, it worked fine

  11. gr8 help…thx a ton

  12. thanks its very useful!!!

  13. thanks dude…. i wanted to change the zipper code, struggled for about 20 minutes, on my own, and then i tried google and your blog came up first.
    this helped a lot.

  14. well thank you. I think every one one internet has something to share and such piece of info are soul-saving. I would suggest everyone to post such ‘tips’ which are really very helpful.
    thanks once again.

  15. help me my i bought sky travel bag 5 days ago now i change the num from 000 fo my secret combinatio but i accidentally move my finger and i didnt see num now my suitcase was locked .. i cant open it in next 3 days i will be flying to hk i need to open it rush .. pls advice me my bag brand id sky travel bag

  16. How about zipper turn on lock?

  17. It worked have been trying to change e pin for hours then l thought of google.thanx a lot

  18. It works!!!!
    When i read your third method i know thats the stupid thing i ever read to open the TSA lock!
    But i still try using that method 😛

    The combination number actually didn’t stuck when reached the right position but HEAR it clearly!!!
    Put your ear closer to the combination numbers!!
    And feel it when you change one by one the combination..
    When the combination is right, the sound will be different!!
    Then you just have to try the other 2 numbers!

    I can really make it happened!

  19. thanks it works….

  20. The third one really worked

  21. Thanks for the gudance

  22. It’s so helping!!!!

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