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Work hard, dudes!!! or else…..

Are you working?? Or… still a student?? Well.. if you are… maybe this post will get your attention 😀 heheheh…. When you are working under someone or some company… this one is obvious, DO NOT GET FIRED!!! 😀 For a special case, you might resign to move to another company, to build your own business or just simply resign (or LOA) because you can’t work (pregnancy, sick, family business, etc). Well.. one thing for sure. If you are fired, it means that you can’t keep up with the company expectation. And that means trouble 😀

I am quite sure (nearly 100%) that every company in this world expect their worker to work to the fullest. “Gimme your best!!! And I will give you mine!!!” Therefore, they always have a way to make sure that you (the worker) are working hard for the company (the owner). Your boss will always tell you not to be late… or work harder…. or that one is not enough… or is that all you can do??… and… they will finish it up with “…Do it!! Or else….!!!” Well… sometimes its quite normal to be treated that way, since it remind us that we have something on the line. Your boss probably said that to you because his boss tell him the same thing :p hehehhe… (or because he is the owner :D). Usually, they will tell you in private, maybe in their office, or during the meeting with all your partners. But… what if they do it in public??? Will it threatened you more?? Or, will it give you more motivation to work harder??? Check this out ……..

It was on one fine Tuesday, around 2 pm, November 2006….. I was quite bored working in the lab and ideas are seem to hate me for that day (or simply because I was lazy too work :p). Thats why I decided to go to the city and take a walk (Well… it doesn’t really suit the title, doesn’t it? :p) Anyway… I think taking a walk and relaxing are the best way if you are stucks with your work. I just took it a little bit further by having fun as well :p And then, I went to City Hall, having a cup of coffee while watching people rushing and passing by the street (Its really fun 😀 training your observation skill… and thinking about what they do for a living… is she single? is he available?? etc… etc… :p) After that, I decided to go to Raffles Place, which is known as the financial heart of Singapore and the place for some of the tallest building in this country. So.. from City Hall, I walked through the city link, passing Esplanade, went through The Esplanade park, crossing the brigde, passing the Fullerton hotel…. until finally… I reached Raffles place. But then, as I walked to the center of this place…. I was SHOCKED!!!!!!….. by this THING…………………………………….


You are trashed!!!

There were several number of this garbage bin, standing in the center of that place. I can’t help but kept staring at that thing!!! What the hell…. is that a real man inside that bin??? What is the meaning of this??? Wew…. I don’t know how long did I stare at those things…. I can’t help it :p hehehehhe…. Since all the other people were just pass through without giving any concerns (either because they knew or because they didn’t care :p) I realized that its a dummy. But… for what purpose???


Suddenly… my knees head was starting to think. “Hmm…. since this is the financial heart of Singapore, surely they don’t want their workers to slack off. They have a lot of rivals to compete with. And lazyness is one thing which they can’t afford to have. So, instead of having to tell each worker to work hard…. they put these “signs” to warn them, all of them at once. WORK HARD!!! or ELSE….!!! You will be trashed… dumped in a garbage bin”

Well… it seems cruel at first. But… when I think about it…. it might be more effective than telling them once and then they forget about it. As i remember correctly, image stays longer than words. And… putting the “signs” in public will make sure that they will always be reminded that they have to work hard… or else. Well… some people might think the other way… but thats what it seems to me.

Suddenly…. I felt guilty 😦 “What am I doing over here???” I did stuck on my work… but enjoying my time by having fun like what I was doing over there seems a bit… errr….. not a bit…. it was really too much. Then… my spirit suddenly risen… I made up my mind… its time to work!!! I rushed to the MRT station…. but, while rushing, I took a picture of that “sign” (I just realized that there was a writing on the side of the garbage bin when I saw the picture at home. Too bad that I miss it 😦 ). I took the MRT…. and went back to my lab to continue my work.

Work hard, dudes!!! Or ELSE…….


15 Responses

  1. thanks Boss.

  2. Ihihihihihihi…


    Okay, get back to work…

  3. btw bos..itu “statue” itu baik baik saja kah?
    ga ada yang berminat untuk meng -abuse?

  4. Benx: You’re welcome… but what for?? ….

    Goys: Oi oi oi… work hard dudes!!!

    Benx: Waduhhh… ga tau euy. Sekarang udah ga ada lagi euy :p kekekekke… pada diambilin orang kali (emangnya di Bandung, rambu lalu lintas aja disikat :p)

  5. @wiku: pelaku kejahatan (menghilangkan rambu lalu lintas) emang tahu situasi sih ^^

  6. tadinya bis makan mo pulang..tidur..pas baca..semangat lagi ngerjain tugas =)

  7. tugas lo kan abisin tuh makanan, suka nyisa kan…?

  8. Akan lebih nyaman bila kerja juga dengan hati. Akan ada semangat lebih di sana, kerja dengan sepenuh hati.

  9. work hard play hard..for life is so hard to live..

  10. bos..ente lagi di cirebon?
    huahahaha, kaga bilang bilang lagi..
    ke bandung dunk =)

  11. kadang sebuah perusahan tidak seideal yang dibayangkan..

  12. bingung..toeflku cuma 125..
    salam ajah…kekekek

  13. Ridwan: Hahahaha…. you got me there :p

    Benx: Jadi seneng Benx, artikel gw ada manfaatnya dikit :p

    Danang: Tugas lo juga bukannya sama Nang?? 😀

    Nasty Gank: Arghh… ngiklan tanpa bayar nih.. huuh 😦

    Rendra: Setubuh Ndra 😀

    FRL: Wew… dalem bener. Awak ga sanggup ngikutin nih

    Benx: Kagak Bos, kemaren gw ke Bandung. Sayang (untung :p) ga sempet ketemu… heheheheh

    Sandclow: Betul pak.. makanya tugas kita buat kondisinya jadi ideal, ya nggak?? 🙂

    RS: Wew… full score TOEFL iBT aja cuma 120 pak. Elo dah lewatin limit tuh :p kekekekek

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