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Free SMS from/to overseas? Why not :D

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Hallo there… after a bit of absent from my blog, I’ve finally return. Yay πŸ˜€ I was busy writing my thesis, which…. with a little pressure from my boss, pray, errors here and there, and so on; finally… SUBMITTED πŸ˜€ Hurrayy!!! Well… Still need to be amended later 😦 But, no need to worry about that for now. I still have a few days left before my boss give me the correction list 😦 Sighh….

Hmmm… Anyway… today… I just want to share a tip, for you who is studying, working, or even just simply staying for a while in overseas. Well, this tip is only for Indonesian, so… if you are not one… get lost!!! (Heheheheh.. kidding dudes πŸ˜€ you can read it anyway) The tip is about how to send and receive free sms to/from someone in Indonesia πŸ™‚ Yup2… free sms πŸ˜€ If you are using the usual way, then you and your friend might have to spend quite a lot of money 😦 Since I am staying in Singapore, I will use my case as the example. From my experience, I have to pay 15 cents SGD (using Starhub) for each sms sent to Indonesia from Singapore (Approximately Rp. 870), and Rp. 500 for my friend who is sending the sms to me. For an extreme case (e.g sms to a lover :p), we might send at least 5 sms a day. It means that I have to spend Rp. 870 x 5 x 30 = Rp. 130.500 per month. While, my girl, has to spend Rp. 500 x 5 x 30 = Rp. 75.000. Well… Quite a lot don’t you think?? This is only for one lover… how about two, three, or four lovers :p hehehhehe…. (just kidding dear, I hope you are not reading this :p hehehehhe)

So… how? πŸ™‚

Before we start, there are a few requirements that you and your friends in Indonesia have to get to be eligible for this tip. They are:

1. Internet connection (for the one overseas)

2. XL sim card (for the one overseas). It has to be active, otherwise it won’t work. Oh yeah, in case you are asking, you also need the mobile phone :p hehehhe

3. Your friends, have to get an XL Bebas Sim card with an extra sms top up so that he/she can send a free sms to your XL number πŸ™‚

4. Available mentari number. One number will give you 10 sms per day. So, more available number will give you more free sms πŸ™‚ You can use IM3 number as well, but since I am using mentari for this, I don’t know the details for that one.

Ok… then… what do you have to do now?

First… make sure that the country you are staying right now has the XL International roaming coverage. Singapore has it, so its no problem for me. But, for other countries, check XL website for the coverage. You can also try to call the XL customer service for this info (818 from XL sim card, free of charge). If the country you are in is covered, than you are good to go πŸ™‚ Your friends can send you a free sms from their XL Bebas Sim card from Indonesia. Just turn on your mobile phone, with the XL sim card in it, and you will receive the sms in no time πŸ™‚ There… we finished dealing about how your friends send you the sms for free and how you receive it.

Now… lets deal about how you send the sms for free to your friends. In this case, you need the available mentari number and the internet connection. Go to klub mentari website (http://www.klub-mentari.com/index.php) and register the mentari number. You can use your number (if you have one) or you can ask your family/friends number to be registered under your name. Remember, the sms sent from the registered number will shows that number as the sender. So, make sure that you don’t abuse this number if its not yours. Remind your friends about this, and tell them the consequences. Tell him/her to give you the permission, only and only if they are sure that you will put it under a good use πŸ™‚

When you register the number in klub mentari, they will send two pass codes to you. One to your email, and the other one to the mentari number (by sms). You have to activate your new account using these two codes. Ask your friend to send you the code (if you are using his number). Then… fill in the two codes when you activate your account. There… finished! you have your account and ready to go.

To send sms, login to your klub mentari account. Click “pesan”>>”sms”>>”Kirim SMS Gratis” (Its on the menu bar, you won’t miss it). Sometimes, the klub mentari website is not showing the menu bar (maybe its a bug :p), but no need to worry. Just type in this link on the url address: http://www.klub-mentari.com/sms/send_sms2.php You will be brought to the sms page right away. As long as you have already log in, then there will be no problem πŸ™‚ In this page, fill in the number that you want to send the sms to, and type in your message. The maximum characters you can use are 94. Its not much, as compared to the usual SMS (160 characters), but bear with it. Klub Mentari is using the other 66 characters πŸ˜€ After you finished typing in the message, click “Kirim SMS”. Done… the sms is on its way to your friends πŸ™‚


Ok… that should cover the whole thing. You can send and receive the sms for free now. You can have more sms using more mentari number πŸ™‚ Remember, you need different mentari number and different email account for each klub mentari account created πŸ˜€ Happy messaging dudes….

notes: This article is only a tip, which is meant for good use. I am not responsible for any lost, criminal act, or other ill intention usage of this tip. Thank you


20 Responses

  1. “For an extreme case (e.g sms to a lover :p), we might send at least 5 sms a day”..

    only 5?!!!! ck ck ck… I’m so dissapointed, wik… you need at least 50! πŸ˜€

    # Q

  2. Q: No… no… no…. 50 means Rp. 1.305.000 😦 Sniff… sniff…

  3. “No… no… no…. 50 means Rp. 1.305.000 😦 Sniff… sniff…”

    Is that money all,Wik?
    better spent that ‘picis’ something usefull…like ‘maem bakso(meatball)’,wakakakakak!

  4. #Q,
    I think at least 50 sms(s)/day only apply to us hihihihi…

    Dude, if this method only applies to sms to/from Indonesia, than it might be more useful if you wrote this in Bahasa Indonesia.
    Secondly, are you sure that it’s free to sms from xl to (overseas) xl number? As far as I know, even if you had the 100-free-sms-per-day top-up, you still be charged 500 rupiah/sms for texting overseas xl.

  5. Ups … typo… what I mean by ‘than’ should be ‘then’. Sorry…

  6. goio :: make it 100/day, dear.. hihihihi..

    wiku :: well.. just wanna share one of our recipe for a happy & always-romantic long distance relationship.. hihihi.. geuleuh gak siiii dengernya.. kekekekk…

  7. RS: Yuppp… all are money :)) hohoho…

    Goyo: Nope… suggestion rejected! :p Heheheh.. it has been decided that my readers are not limited to Indonesian people. No matter what the content of the articles are, it have to be in English… πŸ™‚ Let me use this chance to improve my broken English :p Heheheh….
    As for the fee… yup2… it has been confirmed. Its free πŸ™‚ use XL Bebas πŸ˜€

    Q: Arghhh…. noooo…… I am jealousssss 😦

  8. buat mas goio :
    bener kok mas,, gratisan,, sms sesamama xl…dari indo..
    kalo wiku ga bisa di percaya,,, liat aku lah,,, kredidible kok aku mah kekekekekek… ndut,, piss ah

  9. Curelittlefie: Ow ow ow… ada yang manis mampir kesini :p hhehehehe… tuh goys. ada pendukung satu nih. gratis kan! πŸ˜€

  10. saya pake xl tapi explore..begh begimana ini? tapi my love sekantor dunks ;))

  11. try this: http://smsorambayar.tk

    100% free sms to all indonesian operator and may overseas πŸ™‚

    good luck!!

  12. Iwan S: Dah nyoba. Tapi lambat sekali 😦 Kenapa tuh? Masih belum nyampe2 sms yang dikirim?? Yakin jalan Pak?

  13. Mau kirim SMS gratis? Register aja di sini:
    Cara-cara registrasi yang benar sudah ada disana..
    Semua pertanyaan yang sering ditanyakan (FAQ) sudah ada disana…
    fasilitas: 100 % legal, 100 % gratis, Fasilitas phonebook,Kirim kebanyak nomor sekaligus, Kirim ke seluruh dunia, berapa saja, kapan saja (tanpa batasan perhari), Status delivery report, Tidak perlu mengumpulkan kredit.
    Coolllll mannnnnnnn…

  14. Ninoy: Yeee… kalo pacar sekantor mah mendingan pake telepon internal kantor aja kali πŸ˜› kekkeke

    Fantastickevin: Ok… thanks buat infonya. Sayang belum bisa nyobain euy buat sekarang mah. Tar deh kalo dah nyoba dan tau hasilnya baru tak kabarin πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  15. free sms langsung dari hp.

    ane dapet panduannya donlot disini:

  16. sss

  17. Om, ane pernah bawa XL-Bebas ane ke XL center tapi petugas di XL Center nya bilang kalo yang bisa roaming internasional cuma Xplor aja tuw.

  18. hey there.. what abt my case.. my bro is sailing on a ship to uk.. i’ve got no idea where he is now, all i know that he’s just passed the Suez channel a week ago!! i’ve sent him mails but he hasnt opened a single one!! well any solutions for my scenario? pls let me know asap


  19. coba ini untuk :
    kirim sms gratis :
    ini linknya sms gratis

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