Urghhhhhh.. feels like ki**ing somebody :(

Arghhh…. darn it. I feel like bursting my heart out by screaming…. Today, my boss called me for a meeting. And… guess what? He finished doing the corrections for my thesis. Oh noooooooooo!!! 😦 Well… its good in a way. Faster to finish my Master program. But… It much faster than I expected. I thought it should be one by next week, which means that I have four days to work on the new paper. But now, I have to reschedule my timetable again. Pushing one or two things aside, and squeeze the amendments in. Urghhhh…. I hate it 😦

Well… after cooling my head and think about it, its not really that much actually. I mean, the amendments required are quite “doable”. It just, the thought that I have to do it now is the thing which is bothering me. Sighh… it might even affect my weekend plan. Sorry goys.. I might cancel our plan to Sentosa island this saturday 😦 Sniff…snifff……

Hmmm…. so…. during our meeting, we discussed the things which need to be corrected. It starts with the title. Hmmm… I am not so sure why do I have to change it. But, it seems that the title is not enough to cover the whole content. Well… the thing is… if I change the title, then I have to fill in some kind of form and submit it officially to the school. Hmm… doesn’t seem like a good idea to me 😦 I hate dealing with administrative stuffs. Its necessary, and important of course, but sometimes, its too much pain in the as* (Oopss… I hope they are not reading this :p Well… if they do, my apology :D)

Then… the next thing is about the third chapter. It seems that I have to expand the explanation on the approach taken during the research work. Hmm.. Ok… no problem. I will. I understand that this part is important 🙂

The rest are just minor comments… just an additional explanation here and there. Should be no problem. Hopefully :p hehehehhe

Okie okie… I get it already. No need to say that this is my job dudes :p I am working on it after posting this article. Just need to share a little bit of my sorrow :p heheheh…

Wish me luck and all the best please 🙂 Work hard Wik, or else 😀


6 Responses

  1. Sorry goys.. I might cancel our plan to Sentosa island this saturday 😦 Sniff…snifff…

    Wi, is it canceled or might canceled? please make up your mind so that I can prepare another plan if I have to.

    I personally prefer you working on the thesis first. First thing first, bro.

    Just let me know, okay? Thanks

  2. Goyo: No decision yet bro. Depend on tomorrow results 😀 Hehehe… I’ll let you know tomorrow night, k? And don’t tell me you are preparing another plan. Cause I know exactly that you will just end up “Skype-ing” with a certain someone I know… Hmm… she hasn’t reached this post yet… so the coast is clear :p hehehhehe…

  3. Hahahaha….I prefer you doing your thesis in your trip to sentosa island ^^


  4. Dude, make it fast… make it before tomorrow night…
    btw, what’s wrong with skype-ing her? =D…

  5. kekekekek
    ada yang sirik tuh ga bisa Skype-an kekekekkeke
    kacian bener c abank…

  6. Ridwan: Wow… great idea dude… 😀

    Goyo: Yup2… i decided that i can’t go 😦

    Cutelittlefie: Wew… jangan dikasih tau atuh 😦 huks…

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