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Mission: Using blogframes in your blog :D

Howdy dudes…..

This is a good news for you who wants to make your blog becomes more lively 🙂 you can add in a frame to your post to symbolize the content, i.e. mad, nature, night mind, etc 😀

I got this info from one of my friends blog (thanks dude :D). Since it seems interesting, I try it out on this blog (WordPress). So, if you want to try it on your blog (WordPress)…. Check this out!!


Blogframes example: Wing

These are the ways to do it:

1. I recommend you to use blogdesk to create your post since its easier and the example given here was made using that software

2. Open your blogdesk and create the title of your post

3. Go to Blogframes blog, pick the frame of your choice (so far there are only 7 frames available), click the link to the frame source code, and copy the code inside.

4. Go to your blogdesk again. Click the “view” menubar and pick “source”. Paste the copied source code onto the the blogdesk window (either to “post” or “more” parts)..

5. Click the “view” menubar again and this time, pick “normal”. Wait for a while and you will see the frame shown up on your blogdesk.

6. Type in your post onto the frame (there are some hints given on the frames for you to type in the subtitle and text).

7. Publish your blog 🙂

Thats all there is to it. I haven’t tried this one on others blog’s host yet. But, I am quite sure that the principle is the same. Have fun!! ….. 😀

But… heyy…. dudes… hold your horses!!! I haven’t finished yet 😀

I have tried using this method yesterday and posted the example on my blog. However, there were a few problems found. The most troublesome problem is when the images source (the images were stored in snapdrive) is not sending the frame images to your blog. Maybe due to the bandwith problem or perhaps due to another reason which is … unfortunately… not something for a novice computer user like me to understand.

So… in order not to have the same problem again, I downloaded the frame images to my computer and uploaded the images to my blog. Next, I just have to change the url address of the frame images in the source code from snapdrive to the uploaded image in my blog (i.e. from http://www.snapdrive.net/files/462494/wing/wing_r1_c1.png to https://wiku.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/wing_r1_c1.png).

Based on the discussion with my friends, its possible to make your own frame (also based on Sandy’s comment 😀 ). The simplest way for you to do it is by using the format (source code) from blogframes as a template. Then…. creates your own frame images with similar image sizes with the one in the template (you can use different sizes if you are familiar with html source code and able to change the code according to your own images). The next thing that you have to do is to upload the images and use the url address in the source code template. There… you got your own frames now 🙂

Okie… thats should be all then. Have fun dudes 😀


36 Responses

  1. Dude? where’s my previous comments?

  2. Goio: 😳 Sorry dude… As I mentioned in this new posting, yesterday post is a disaster 😛 heheheh… so thats why I deleted the post… along with the comments, yours and mine 😀 Terribly sorry.. :mrgreen:

  3. Hahahahaha…I believe that your comments were spams ^^

  4. Ridwan: 😆 hahhahahah… maybe you’re right. It was ok just when I post it. But suddenly, after getting goyo’s comments, the frames were going crazy 😛 hehehhehe….

  5. wew,,napak bermasalah dengan urusan download dakuw :((
    blogdeks na ga bisa,, hua hua :(( huuh,,,

  6. terima kasih infonya pak..

  7. belum tertarik..ga ada frame yang ada model cewe cakep nya =D

  8. Thanks infonya, kapan-kapan di coba ah.

  9. wah ada gambar nya yang ngga pas ya …

  10. cutelittlefie: Wew… masalahnya kayaknya di internetnya neng 🙂 Coba terus. tar dijamin sukses kok 😀

    rime: Sama-sama. Makasih juga tuh buat yang buat (blogframes=sandy??)

    benx: Ada sih benx, tapi buat kalangan sendiri… :p kekekekkeke

    edratna: Selamat mencoba Bu 🙂

    sandy eggi: Iya nih San. Tadinya di post ini mau pake yang “secret scroll”. tapi terlalu lebar gambarnya buat themes yang ini 😦 jadi aja kepotong 😆 Gimana-gimana? ada petunjuk baru? 🙂

  11. susah nya kalo bikin design di internet harus memperhatiin banyak faktor. ini yang bikin repot. harus dibuat sebisa mungkin memfasilitasi semua faktor seperti browser, bandwidth, OS, blogging service (wordpress ato blogger). dan yang terakhir adalah selera.

    memang berat pekerjaan sebagai designer 😦

  12. Blogframes: Yup2… kita2 ambil bagian sebagai oportunis aja dulu ya 😛 kekekek… Tau beres kata orang DPR mah 😀
    Kalo ada yang bisa dibantu kasih tau aja Pak. Asal sesuai dengan kemampuan kita2 yang terbatas pasti dilayanin kok 🙂
    Semangat terus nyiapin templatenya.. ganbatte ne!

  13. Wah abru tau ada beginian..thx info nya yah ^.^

  14. Chie: Sama2… terima kasihnya kirim ke blogframes juga yak 😛 kekekkeke

  15. lucu!! LUCU!!
    Mau coba!!

    tapi yang sayap ini kesannya agak girly ga sih? 😕

  16. Rizma: Errr… iya sih 😛 kekekek… ada yang macho juga kok. Coba liat deh di blognya blogframes. Kalo ga salah ada yang lebih girly tuh, yang flower :mrgreen: Mau yang macho, pake yang mad deh 😀

  17. okeh,,, okeeh,,,

  18. enakan make photoshop kalo buat gw sih

  19. Rizma: Ikutan okeh juga deh… 🙂

    Danang: Halah… halah… kirain lo mau bilang enakan pake Solidworks Nang 😆 kekekekkekekkek

  20. […] buat cara caranya, ada di sini, di blognya Wiku juga,, […]

  21. Why did you delete the post?!?!? .. arrrggghhhh… I gave two comments on that post… gimme back my comments! …

  22. Goyo: Wuakakakkakak 😈 serves you right!!! 😛 come on dude… just send me another comment 😀 I won’t delete it this time… Promise!!! 8)

  23. Hmm.. menarik 🙂
    Dasarnya seperti penggunaan tabel dan BG image ya :mrgreen:

    Terima kasih pemberitahuannya, bisa dicoba di blogspot kan?

  24. Xaliber: Bisa …. bisa…. 😀

  25. Cool…

    Pinter nih, kirain orang luar, ternyata indo :p

    Boleh ni dipraktekin 😀

    My Blog on Z–E–R–O.com

  26. Bro gw ada Blog Frames bikinan sendiri di Blog Gw

    Gw namain Post Frame, soale kalo Blog Frame kan untuk Blog, sedangkan ini rencananya bisa digunakan wat FS juga’

    Masi tahap alpha version, maklum desainernya lagi liburan, gw kerja sendiri di rumah 😦

  27. Loki Dan: Iya bos… orang Indo itu pinter2 kok 😀 Buat Post framenya, tar saya cobain deh. Tapi entar yak. Nunggu koneksi internet stabil dulu. Baru pindahan ke Indo lagi soalnya 😀

  28. wew… aku mencobanya…. dan,,,, ntar liat ya… :mrgreen:

  29. Hello Loki Dan …

    BlogFrames is also can be used for creating customized layout for any text article in websites. You can use BlogFrames for your post (or PostFrames :D) , your article in any webpages builder or CMS or forum such as PHPBB, joomla, mambo and every web application which supports HTML Editor (for example you said Friendster :)). Or even you can create layout for your Email! Web Email services such as Yahoo! and Gmail supports Rich HTML Message which you can create BlogFrames over your messages.

  30. Pury: Selamat mencoba 😀

    Blogframes: Thank you for your explanation 😀

    Grzzap: Thanks

  31. забавненько

  32. Что, что, а такой подробной статьи не видел давно. Респект и уважуха автору

  33. В этом что-то есть. Большое спасибо за помощь в этом вопросе.

  34. Всем привет, смотрю что тут все такие подхалимы, что не коммент , то лесть полная….

  35. забавненько

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