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Never ever FLY with Singapore Airlines Unprepared!!!

Howdy dudes… :mrgreen:

This time… I want to share an old story of mine. It was happen two years ago (2005) but even now… it still becomes one of my worst experiences ever… πŸ˜₯ The reason why I share this story is to remind you to be always prepared and know what you are doing when you are flying, specifically using Singapore Airlines … otherwise… you will end up like me 😦 Being alone in a foreign country and starving to death for two days 😈

Warning: This story might contains explicit gore and violence!!! Do not read if you are under 18!!! 8)

So… still wanna know what happen??

It was happen on one fine Sunday, July 10, 2005. Estimated time, 10.00 am. I was getting ready to leave my country for the first time to this so called, not so far away country. After saying goodbye to my Parents, Brother, and other family members, I went in for check in at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Well… since their son is leaving for at least a year before he can go back home, there was a little bit of crying, hugging and advice ritual πŸ˜‰ It’s touching … but not part of this story πŸ˜€ we’ll skip that part for another time.

So.. I went in, and check in. Guest what? I got a Singapore Airlines ticket arranged by my scholarship sponsor 8) Well.. that was the first time I leave my country.. and I got a well-known airlines waiting for me πŸ˜€ No wonder I was really happy at that time since I never got any chance to fly with a luxury airlines. Although I only got an economic class, but it still a luxury for poor people like me. My mind was full of imagination while I was waiting for boarding. I imagined their seat, TV, Stewardess, luxury cabin, etc…..


And then…. boarding time!!! πŸ˜€ I packed my things, and rushed to the plane. And inside…. I saw… something that I can’t ever see in Indonesian airlines 😯 (hopefully our airlines will get better by times… :mrgreen: ). It was amazing…. I saw a neat passenger seat with a wide space. In front of the seat, there were monitor screen and a lot of buttons here and there. Wow… this one is economic class, how about the first class? Hmm… can’t imagine that one yet πŸ™„

economy landing

economy seat 1

Soo… I sat there, and watched my surrounding. The plane was packed…. and I saw a lot of foreign people on board. Hmm… that was the first time I heard some African language :mrgreen: (there were a couple which seems like an African, talk like African, and act like African. Yup..yup… definitely an African πŸ˜€ ).

After that, the plane took off smoothly. And I start wondering… “Hmmm…. how much was the air ticket?” Since they arranged the ticket for me, I never know the ticket fare. But.. well.. its free… So I thought that I should just have to enjoy it to the fullest 😈

After a few minutes… I started wondering about the monitor, headset and buttons in front of me. Hmm…. whats this? Hmm… never seen this one before. So, I looked to the other guy, seems like American, who put on the headset and seems to enjoy himself with music. Wow.. that seems fun πŸ’‘ So… I put on the headset. Hmm… strange.. no sound at all?? So I tried pushing a few buttons. Push..push..push… still nothing πŸ˜₯ “Darn it… is it spoiled??”. I thought of calling the stewardess and see whether they can help me with that. But… errrr…. my English was terrible 😦 So… worried that I might embarassed myself in front of the pretty stewardess, I chose to give up on the headset. And….. The guy beside me just stared at me, and smile. “What?? What are you smiling for?? Why don’t you help me instead?” I said… inside my mind πŸ˜›

And then, my eyes set on two kids, who were playing games with each other, using the monitor. Hmm… that one also seems like fun πŸ’‘ A grin showed on my face. And I started to turn on the monitor. Ehh… Hmm… ok… where is the button again?? Ahh… found it. I turned it on. And then… I didn’t know what to do. I just stared at the monitor screen. “What should I pushed or chose from the menu??” Hmm… ok. Seems like another dead end for me πŸ˜₯ I looked at the guy beside me again. And this time, he just looked at me and turned his face to the other sides and grin!!! Darn!! he was laughing!!!! %&%#$##*^#&!@^#!….. “Hey you… why don’t we settle this outside!!” I said.. inside my mind again :mrgreen: ….. Well… he is way bigger than me.. and going outside during the flight is not something that you would do πŸ˜›

Then… the bad come to worst. After flying for around an hour, the stewardess started to go around and giving lunch to the passengers. “glup…” The food really seems delicious… and I haven’t took my breakfast yet. “Time to eat”, I said to myself. But… wait a minute. “How much do I have to pay for that one??”, I thought to myself. Hmm… there were a few times when I fly using Indonesian airlines and I end up paying a very expensive price for a cup of noodle 😯 So… this one, a complete set of lunch on Singapore Airlines might not be only expensive. It will be very expensive!!! And… I only got 50 SGD on my pocket, which I prepared for the taxi and two days of living in Singapore. Beside those money, I do have some Rupiahs in my hand, but that one didn’t seems to be an acceptable currency in Singapore Airlines. So… I decided. NO LUNCH!!!

economy dining 2

When the stewardess came to my seat. She asked me “What would you like, sir? Chicken or beef?”. “Hmm… no thanks. I’m fasting”, I replied (What?? since when you’re fasting on sunday?? you’re just to poor to pay for the food πŸ˜₯ ) “Ooh.. okay. Enjoy your flight”, she said. And then she went off to the other passengers. I was left there, starving….. with nothing to do.

And there he goes again. The guy beside me. He did nothing this time, just eating. But, the way he ate… makes me want to smack him on the face πŸ˜› hehehhe…. Maybe because his previous grin…I don’t know.. but.. he just seems soooooo…. irritating… happily eating beside a hunger fellow like me 😦 sighh…… So I decided to ignore him, and looking to the sky instead. Ahhh… soo… refreshing……………………………………………………….. “gurgle…gurgle…..” Oww… my stomach was crying.

After 1 hour and 20 minutes of flying, the plane landed safely in Changi Airport. Again… I packed my things… entertained myself with the amazing view of the airport and took a taxi to my new campus. After getting my room key, I went to my dormitory. Over there, I sat down… alone… and thinking…. about dinner. Oh no!!! .. I don’t know where the canteen is πŸ˜₯ And… to make things worst… its sunday. the canteen is closed!!! Darn it… So I spend the night in my new empty room… starving…

And come the next day. I wake up with an empty stomach…. and looked for a place to eat. Strange enough… I can’t find the place 😦 I walked… and I walked…. but the canteen is nowhere to be seen. So.. I returned to my dormitory again. Hoping to find someone to talk to…. and asked about the canteen. But… hey… its Monday… how come its so quiet?? Then, I realized… it was holiday period 😦 Sighh…..

So I waited in my room until afternoon… and then… I finally saw someone walking in front of my room. I called him, and after introducing myself, asked about the canteen. Fortunately, he was also going to the canteen. So.. we took off together. Finally…. I get my dinner. Ooohhhh… that one seems to be the best dinner I’ve ever had πŸ˜† After that… we talked… and talked…. and I told him the story about the lunch on Singapore Airlines. And he told me something that was really freaking shocked me……. “The food is free, dude!!!”………What??? *(^@$&*(&*!^$……….. Urrghhhh…. So I starved for almost two days for nothing???? …………..

Sighh…. so that was the story. Lessons learn dudes:

Never ever fly with Singapore Airlines unprepared. Know your things before you go!!! So that you can use the headset, play games, and the most important thing… have your lunch!!!

Have fun flying!!! :mrgreen:

Notes: The pictures shown are taken from here w/o permission


19 Responses

  1. What a MORON!!!!

    Huhahahahhahaha…..you were starving really for nothing. Btw, soal noodle di maskapai indonesia? emang maskapai mana tuh?

  2. Ridwan: Dude… this is a pure gore and violence story. Not something to be laughed at πŸ˜† hahahhaha… As for the noodle… try Ci***** from Bata*….. πŸ˜› hehehhee… The only place where you can have a nice hot cup of noodle while looking at the cloud. Seems romantic.. but trust me… its definitely not!!! :mrgreen:

  3. Aduhh Wiku…saya baca pengin ketawa…antara geli, terharu dan segala macam.

    Kalau naik Qantas, MAS, KLM, SA, Garuda, semuanya free (udah termasuk dalam tiket). Gpp, ini buat pelajaran. Bukankan ada pepatah…”malu bertanya sesat di jalan?” Tapi justru ini serunya, pengalaman pertama keluar negeri.

    Saya jadi ingat pas pertama kali anakku ke LN, saya sibuk membuat daftar, dan ngecek dia dari pintu ke pintu, sampai setelah siap mau boarding baru lega. Maklum setiap pergi ada ibunya. Hmm…ya penerbangan di Indonesia, terutama yang low cost memang tak dikasih apa2,…akhirnya membuat kita jadi ragu2 jika naik penerbangan lain…., jadi kalau bertanya tak apa2. Kata anakku (lagi)…”Ibu tuh memang ga punya malu, tanya terus kanan kiri”…Lho! Padahal waktu naik KA dari Bne ke Gold Coast ibu yang disuruh tanya, padahal bahasa Inggrisku, Inggris Jawa…dia yang lebih lancar malu…ehh atau ini ciri khas cowok ya?…Peace:)

  4. aiyoh, willy… you could have just asked the stewardess whether she spoke berhasa indonesian. you missed out on a good chance to chat with them. if you had asked them, they may even be very very nice to you if they know it’s your first time flying with sia.
    anyhow, it sounds like you had a real adventure during your first trip away from home. hopefully you will have an easier time in japan.

  5. Ibu Edratna:
    Waduhh Bu… itu cerita serem tuh. Harusnyakan takut :mrgreen: hehehhehe….
    Kalo maskapai yang ibu sebut, sayang sekali, sebelumnya belum saya cicipin bu 😳 Cuma buat salah satunya, yang garuda citylink Batam-Bandung harus bayar Bu 😦 Lumayan ketarik isi kantong….
    Hmm..hmm… memang tampaknya anak ibu ama saya sama2 pemalu Bu πŸ˜› hehehhe…

    Thanks dude πŸ˜€ I never thought of that one before… shame on me πŸ˜₯ Too bad I missed a great chance to get closer… errr.. I mean.. to know them better 😈

  6. @Bu Enny

    dia yang lebih lancar malu…ehh atau ini ciri khas cowok ya?…

    bener banget tuh bu, cowok lebih senang kesasar ketimbang bertanya πŸ˜€

  7. Wik, do you remember this? the Dogol’s First Law?

    “Stupidity is everywhere”

  8. Fadli: Hehehhe… itu mah kamu aja yang kepengen nyasar Pak πŸ˜€

    Goyo: Err…. sorry… come again? I still don’t understand πŸ˜†

  9. Ealaaah…cuek aja lagi, cas cis cus aja bahasa inggris sih..wekekek klo si amrik itu menatap aneh krn bahasa Ind-Lish kita, kasih aja tampang polos kelaparan huahahahahha

  10. Kalo gtu pas naek Spore Airlines lagi lo bisa donk minta 2.. Bilang aja jatah yang waktu itu belum diambil.. Hihihi..

  11. Ratih: Pengennya cuek sih Ra. Tapi si pramugari kan cakep… dan ce cakep ga boleh dicuekin…errr.. apa coba? πŸ˜› kekekeke…. Soal si Amrik… tar kalo ketemu bantuin pukulin yak 😈

    Duy: Hehhehe.. rencananya gitu Bos πŸ˜€ Tar bulan depan bales dendamnya πŸ˜›

  12. naek KLM ajahh…~
    eh tapi KLM skrg udh ga lewat s’pore lagi yah?
    saya br nyoba tuh kmrn dr malay,,,enak2 aja ko….
    dan makananya jg not too bad…hmm…~

  13. tambahan! and absolutely free…!wut kind of an expensive airplane dat will charge u for having lunch if they didnt giv u sum book menu?
    *kabur sblm di timpuk beef steak ma mas wiku* :mrgreen:

  14. @9racehime: tenang aja kalau loe ditimpuk pake beef steak, gw ynag ngelindungin elo, pake mulut gw.


  15. 9racehime: Doohhh… disepet lagi nih πŸ˜₯ huuh… Tenang-tenang… ga bakal pake beef steak kok… *cari batu yang super duper gede*…. nih… tong!!! Loh… kok bunyinya tong???

    Ridwan: Ooo… pantesan bunyinya tong… kena mulut elo toh… wakakkaka πŸ˜† …. Eh.. tetap aja ga bunyi tong πŸ˜› ganti sfx deh… buakkkk!!!… enak kan??!! πŸ˜€

  16. wahaha.. funny story..

  17. […] Never ever FLY with Singapore Airlines Unprepared!!! […]

  18. guess it was ur 1st flight ever eh??
    Singapore airlines… umm… DONT have to be REALLY prepared.. they’re AMAZING people… πŸ˜‰

  19. Hi, can you tell me if the headsets are free, this will be my first time flying on there thank you

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