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I finally got my revenge

Howdy dudes…

Remember this story about my stupidity…. πŸ˜€ Well.. finally, after waiting for two years…. I got my second chance of using Singapore Airlines when I return to my country a few days ago πŸ˜› heheheh…. But this time… I didn’t make the same mistake. Remember this old saying “Even the donkey doesn’t fall into the same hole twice… it falls into the next hole πŸ˜› “. So thats why, this time… I have to make sure that I went to the airport fully prepared. Its kill or be killed 😈 . Before I went to the airport, I have checked every facilities that they offered from the internet πŸ™‚

On Monday morning, I went to the airport exactly at 7 am. I used a Taxi back then. During the trip… I kept saying to myself. “I’ll get my revenge… definitely!!!” 😈 I kept repeating what I have to do during the flight. I even made a note on that :mrgreen: . The key point is asking the stewardess about how to use it πŸ™‚

I arrived at the airport at 8.13 am. I went in and directly go for check in. But… the bad news is that I have too many luggage in my hand 😦 Two years ago… I went to Singapore with only one small travel bag. But now… I got one backpack and two travel bags in my hand…. big travel bags 😦 The total weight is almost 50 kg…. sigh… no choice tough. I have to bring those things back home. The heaviest thing is my lovely computer, named “ucup”. The one which has been helping me during my research. In the end, I have to pay S$145 for those excess luggages πŸ˜₯

And then, I went in to Gate 28 for boarding. I waited there for about one and half hours before they called the passenger for boarding the plane. After hearing the announcement, I stood up… ready for battle 😈 I went into the airplane, and sat on my seat. The first thing that I did is checking the safety guidance. Well… I know they are famous for safety flight. But … better prepared then sorry πŸ˜€ Next… I checked on their gadgets. I got a monitor in front of me, and the remote on the side of my seat.

Resize of P1030824

The remote has a few buttons on both sides. The side shown in the picture is mainly for entertainment while the other side is used for making a phone call (unfortunately I didn’t get the picture for the other side). After trying to know the functions from the symbols, I decided to try it out. I pressed the green button…. nothing happened 😦 I tried the other one… nothing happened. Then… I pressed the button with the human symbol. But still… nothing happened. But… suddenly, the stewardess came to my seat and said “what can I do for you, Sir?”… Huh?? I was confused πŸ™„ “What do you mean?” I said. “Well.. You called me, right?” she replied. “When?? I didn’t know that I called you?” I said, still confused. “Did you pressed the caller button?” she asked me. “Huh?? This one?” I replied by asking her another question. “Yes, Sir. That button is for calling us” she explained to me with a smile πŸ™‚ “Ooo… ok. I didn’t know that. Sorry” I replied back with a cute smile πŸ˜€ “Ok, sir. Have a good flight” and then she went back to her place. Suddenly, I felt like teasing her πŸ˜› hehehe… then I pressed the button again. She rushed back to my seat and asked “Yes, sir. What can I do for you?”… “Hmm… nothing. I just want to test out your reaction time and see your gorgeus smile” I said with a big grin on my face (yayy…. way to go Wik 😈 ) πŸ˜› hehehhehe….. “But… since you are here.. could you explain to me how to use this remote? and how do I watch a movie?” I said. Then, she gladly explain those thing to me. How the remote work and how to watch the movie by changing the mode to video. Thats it, I turn on the monitor and watch the movie…. Finally 😈

Resize of P1030820

After approximately half an hour after we took off… I finally heard the sound of the plates being placed and the sound of the stewardess asking for the food choices. Wow… finally. Time to get my lunch πŸ˜€ hohoho…. I waited patiently until the stewardess came to my seat and offered me my lunch. “What do you want to have, sir?” … “Chicken or Fish?” she asked. “Chicken!!” I said πŸ˜€ Then she served me rice with chicken… and she gave me a glass of white wine. Wew… the food is quite nice. Not really that delicious … but can be considered ok πŸ˜€ considering that I didn’t get anything two years ago 8)

Resize of P1030816

Well… finally I got all the things that I’ve been waiting for two years. I finally got my revenge 8) Now I am wating for the next flight. Hopefully I can get another chance of using SA πŸ™‚ Wish me luck, dudes. And of course, I wish you luck too. Hopefully we can meet at the same flight next time πŸ˜€ so we can tease those pretty stewardess again 😈

note: too bad I didn’t try the bathroom yet 😦 I heard that they have a really nice toilet for you-know-what lah… 😈


13 Responses

  1. Hahahahaha…dasar iseng ^^

  2. Hopefully I can get another chance of using SA

    I think SQ would be better than SA =)…

    I heard that they have a really nice toilet for you-know-what lah…

    What? For what?..

  3. Ridwan: Hehehehe… iya lah. Dendam jangan dilupakan bos πŸ˜› kekekek

    Goyo: Yup2, my mistake πŸ˜› It should be SQ πŸ™‚ Thanks, Lad. What for? Come on… its for you-know-what lah. Don’t be liddat lor πŸ˜› kekekke…

  4. walah, akhirnya Wiku kembali ngeblog,, πŸ™‚
    itu kok genit amat sih ke mbak pramugarinya,,?? ckckck,,

  5. cuman bayangin dalam hatinya pramugari itu ngedumel ginih “ih ni orang ndeso gini ya, iseng banget lagi” in english version of course hehe…eh mana ole2nya? *nodong*

  6. Rizma: KEkekke… iya nih. Dah dua minggu absen gara2 ga ada koneksi internet yang memadai. Sekarang dah dapet, tapi sekarang lagi menghadapi masalah nih dengan blogdesk. Ga cocok dengan window vista kayaknya 😦 sighh… nantilah di usahakan dulu urusan yang satu itu πŸ˜€
    Soal genit, itu mah wajib hukumnya. Kasian ce2 cakep diluar sana kalo ga ada yang godain 😈

    Ninoy: Hahhahaha… ndeso kan halal hukumnya πŸ˜› oleh2? HIks… dah habis neng… kemaren pas wisudaan saya mampir ke kampus. Jadi abis direbutin ma anak2 😦 maapkan….

  7. Hahaha…Wiku…lucu sekali. Kebayang kalau anakku yang naik plane, pasti juga akan iseng seperti itu.

  8. mana foto pramugarinya???

  9. mendukung Danan : mana foto pramugarinya?!!!

  10. pasti dalam batin pramugarinya nih orang nyebelin deh, gaptek lagi kekeke πŸ™‚ just kidding

  11. Ibu Edratna: Hehhehe… iya Bu. Dijamin iseng πŸ˜› kekkekekeke

    Danang: Nah loh…. baru kepikiran tuh Nang 😦 kemaren pas di pesawat yang kepikiran cuma pengajian di rumah aja πŸ˜› kekekkeke…..

    Muthe: Wew… Danang kok diikutin πŸ˜†

    Anas:Iya Nas…. biasanya pasti mereka gitu. Tapi untung yang iseng ganteng πŸ˜› hihihihi….

  12. Dari pencarian blogframe .. eh, ternyata infonya berasal dari dirimu Wiku. Lama ga mampir disini, ternyata baru pulang dari Singapura ya? Good.

  13. Erander: Makasih dah mampir. Maap nih baru bisa bales komennya sekarang πŸ™‚

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