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Thank you… and farewell…….

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Finally, I’ve come to the point where I can happily said that I’ve reached my goal. It’s been a tough time for me during these past two years. It started with a smile…. and ended with a bigger smile 🙂

These past two years have been the toughest time in my life. The time where I struggled and suffered the most. But, I endure… persevere. Not because of me…. but because of you… my friends and colleagues. Therefore, I dedicate this post for all of you, who have been there for me. Who gave me hopes…. who gave me strength…. who gave me encouragement…. who gave me consolations… and other things which can’t be said here. I know that my thanks are not enough for everything you’ve done for me… but nevertheless…. it’s everything I have. Thank you… thank you… thank you… and thank you… I wish you all the best… for now… and the future.

First and foremost, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to my supervisor, A/P Yeo Swee Hock for all of his guidance, encouragements, and advices throughout my research work at Nanyang Technological University. Your sincerity and generosity would be borne in my mind forever. I still remember… and will always remember your saying “The key to a successful research is perseverance”. This sentence is the one which always keep me going.

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I particularly thank the technical staff Ms. Tan-Ong Pek Loon, Jacelyn and Mr. Tan Boon Hwee of the Metrology Laboratory. I also thank my lab mates Michael, Junqi, Cheng Seng, Hui Beng, Tong Tat, Alicia, Xu Qin, Mariko, Jessica, and Travis for their company and encouragement. It would have been very tough without their help and support 🙂

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And last but not least…. I thank you… my friends… for being there for me. You’ve made my life meaningful 😀

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Thank you all…. and farewell… I really wish that we can meet again 🙂


16 Responses

  1. You’re welcome, dude ^^. Hehehe PeDe abis gw…kayak gw yang dikasih ucapan terima kasih..huehuehueue

  2. Ridwan: Don’t mention it. And of course you deserve my thanks, mate. You’re the one whom I talk to when I have problems, remember? 😀 Hehehehhe

  3. Farewell ya farewell, tapi sekarang khan sudah di Jatinangor nih. Jadi kapan makan-makannya? — indonesia mode banget—, he he he…

  4. Rendra: Makan-makan sih boleh boleh aja bos. Tapi duitnya saya masih nunggu dari yang dah pada kerja nih. Belum pada transfer soalnya. Jadi kapan tar elo transfer?? :mrgreen:

  5. Jadi sekarang posisi dimana? Kalau tahu Sabtu kemarin Wiku datang ke Wisuda anak2 ITB, kita bisa ketemu….hehehe maunya.

  6. Well, congratulations dude! You’ve passed another stage of your life. I wish success always be with you in the coming years.

  7. wah selamat ! eh emang dah lulus s2 yak ? sekarang di indo ?

  8. wah sudah lulus??? congrats!!! 😀

  9. Congrats !!, You’re welcome 🙂 Ups, Am I got your thanks too ?

  10. Ibu Edratna: Sekarang posisinya di Bandung Bu 🙂 Lagi dalam fase liburan (menganggur) buat 2 bulan ke depan :mrgreen: Kemaren ke kampus juga Bu pas wisuda? Kebetulan saya juga hadir di jurusan teknik mesin kemarin 🙂 Sayang sekali tidak sempat bertemu 😦

    Widi: THanks a lot man 🙂 I wish u all the best too 😀

    Sandy Eggi: Makasihhhhh…. 😀 yup2… sekarang di Indo 🙂 Bandung tepatnya 😀

    CK: Makasihhhhh 😀

    ANas: Yup2… you got my thanks too… 😀 Thanks a lot for everything 😀

  11. Dude, on your first picture, it looks like you’re crying. Are you? hihihihihi… Miss you here, bro.

  12. woy… kenapa loe ku? ayoh , ada tawaran kontrak baru… pemilu IA pusat? berminat?

    jgn sedih ,mulu ah… capee deh…

  13. Goys: Hahhaha… you bet I did :p kekekkeke…. It was really a sad moment for me :p

    Tribas: Woi, Bas. Kemana aja lo?? Pemilu? wew… awak udah di Tokyo sekarang. Ga bisa ngurus itu dulu bos buat sekarang. Sorry berat 😦 Nanti lah ya. Kalo dah di indo lagi saya urusing tuh ampe lo bosen :p kekekekke

  14. ngapain nih di tokyo?

  15. Sandy: Hallo Bos… saya kuliah lagi disini Pak. Belum bosen kuliah nih :p kekekkeke….

  16. kuliah di mana? Todai?kampus mana? phd ya … wah keren …

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