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Terribly sorry, dudes :(

Howdy ……

Wew, it has been three weeks since I update my blog 😦  So sorry guys. I am still working on something now. So, I am afraid that I can’t answer your comments nor posting articles for awhile. Well, at least for another two weeks until I finally settle down from all of my holiday trip 🙂

So…. farewell…. and wish me luck, will you? 😀


11 Responses

  1. Don’t forget to bring something for me, wik…

  2. Kalau udah ada waktu, ditunggu ceritanya ya….:D

  3. emang kemana aja sih pak ?

  4. Whoa, holiday trip!

  5. ndut..km teh kemana??? ngilang… sibuk bet….

  6. wish ya all de best!!

  7. Wiku udah nyampe sini apa belon yaaaaaa

  8. Goys: Wew…. sorry… I can`t bring anything for you dude. Maybe next time 🙂 But do remember to bring something for me next month, k? :p hehehhe

    All: Thanks.. and thanks… 😀 my stories are coming up 🙂

    Mbak Tari: Saya dah disini mbak 😀 Siap ngelapor ke tempat mbak Tari n makan gratis :p kekekkeke

  9. Wiku,

  10. Ah kamu mah maunya makan gratis aja. Siap cuci piring apa nggak?

  11. Goys: Duhh… ada yang pundung tampaknya… hahahhaha….

    Mbak Tari: Siap… siap…. 😀

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