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My first Game, Hit, Walk, and Strike Out after 3 years

Hi again dudes πŸ™‚

A few weeks ago, just a few days after my arrival in Tokyo, I met this gentleman, Sennari-san. It was happening when I was having a problem with the TV remote control and the phone line in my room. That was the time when I decided to call the front desk, asking for help. So… Sennari-san came up and helped me with the remote and phone. While he was checking on the problematic gadgets, I was checking on him…. err…. no.. no.. wrong sentence!! :p hehehe… I was curious with his left hand since his pinky was wrapped up with bandages.

Well… as a kind and considerate human being… πŸ˜€ I asked him what happen to his hand. To my surprise, he told me that his finger was injured when he was playing baseball. Ehhh…. what a coincidence!! I was spending my days finding a person who plays baseball and here he was, standing in front of me. What a surprise!! I said πŸ˜€ After that we talked about his team and I asked him whether I can play in his team or not. And then… he gave me another surprised. He was actually looking for a player, especially players from European and American country. It seems to me that he is building an international team πŸ˜€ Way to go Senna-san!!!

Well… after talking for a while and giving me the information about his team, he asked me to play on Saturday (2007/10/19). Well.. I definitely won`t miss this chance since playing baseball is one of the reason why I chose to go to Japan in the first place πŸ˜€ So, its all set… I am ready to play, dudes!

On saturday morning, I was ready for battle. I wore my jogging trouser and shirt since I didn`t bring any of my baseball uniform. As for the shoes, I have to sacrifice my running shoes for this day (Baseball player usually use a special shoes which is equipped with spikes, almost similar with soccer). I went there quite early. In fact, I arrived at the meeting place one hour before the meeting time. But…. wait…. its not because I was on fire or something… but more because I forgot that the meeting time is 12.15, instead of 11.15 :p hehehhehe… dummy!!!

Well.. after spending a good one hour by doing exactly… nothing… ehmm… ehmm.. finally, Sennari-san came πŸ˜€ yay!!! We waited for another two players, one is Japanese, and the other is Canadian. After introducing ourself and waited for the next person, who apparently didn`t show up in the end, we went to the baseball field using Sennari-san`s car (you have a really good car, Senna-san :D).

My first impression of the field(s) is…. WOWWWWW!!!!! amazing!!!! In Indonesia, we will be really happy if we can play in one baseball field, which is barely passed to be called a baseball field :p hehehe….. But, over here in Kanamachi area, you can see a row of fields. Lining up with each other along the river, which is the border between Tokyo and Chiba (correct me if I`m wrong :D). I was really excited at that time. My head kept thinking, what would my best friend say if he saw this field? what about my teammates in ITB? ckckkckc…. simply amazing. Japanese really loves Baseball πŸ˜€ hohoho…

So… after knowing other players of Senna-san`s team, we start with warming up for the games. Before I starts my warming up, Senna-san surprised me, again, by lending his uniform πŸ™‚ Wow… you don`t know how honoured I was πŸ™‚ hehhehe… So, after setting up my gear, I started warming up and play catch and throw with Masa-san, the right outfielder πŸ™‚ I was quite worried at the beginning since I haven`t played for almost three years. But, after warming up, I started to make myself used to the glove and ball… yay!!! :p hehehhehe

P1050521 resize

Soo…. finally…. LINE UP!!! πŸ˜€ This is where the two teams face each other and make a greeting. So, there you are… our enemy :p

P1050519 resize

Well… we started as home player, meaning that we do the defense first. I was placed at second (yeahh… I know Wan… its your god damned sacred position, right?? hahhahahhahaha…. I really hate that fact :p hehehhehe). Well… ok… lets not focus to the game, k? lets focus on me :p hihiihhi….

So… basically, I was perfect in the first inning. Meaning that no ball actually came to my direction :p kekekkeke… After changing position, we get the chance to score. By a magnificence play of our team, we manage to get 3-0 πŸ˜€ hehehhehe….

P1050520 resize

Second inning was also not bad. I managed to catch one pop up ball, and its ended with 3-1. After changing position, it was a golden chance to get more score. Especially since I was the first hitter on that turn… yay!! After taking the bat… which surprisingly felt heavy 😦 I assumed a perfect body posture in the batter box. And… it ended in flash. I was magnificently strike out 😦 darn!!!

Well… in that inning, we end up with no score. On my next turn to bat… I was gaining more confidence πŸ™‚ So I decided to use wait and see tactics :p kekekkee… and it works!!! I got Base on Ball… hahhaahha :)) I was even manage to get one score in the end by stealing πŸ˜€

Soo… the game went on, and I get another chance to bat. This time, it was more dramatic. we got full base, with me on the batter box. Oh no!!! I`m dead now, I said to myself :p I have to hit or get base on ball to get score. That was the time I decided that the wait and see tactics is the best options, especially since we were behind by 1 score at that time (correct me if I`m wrong, Senna-san). So, thats exactly what I did. Wait, hope and pray that I get base on ball. The first ball was a ball. But the second one was a strike 😦 The third one was again a ball… yay!!! And the fourth one…. strike!! Darn it… the pitcher seems to be on fire 😦 So, I waited and pray for the next one to be a ball. But… well… as you can guess… I saw the ball went to the home plate, as straight as it can be… so, no choice. I got to take it down. I hit it with all my might,…. `kinnnnngggg`…… but it ended with a single hit to the infield 😦 I managed to run safely to the first base. But my teammate was taken down on the home plate. So… no score 😦 Darn!!! Well… thats my last turn at bat, and the next inning goes without any score for both teams. The games ended with a painful score of 6-4 😦 sniff…snifff…..

But… remember… winning is not everything (this is the favorite line of someone who is losing :p hehheehe). In the end, we closed the game with a smile. It was really the most beautiful day I`ve ever had since I arrived in Japan. Thank you so much Senna-san!!! πŸ˜€ WE WILL WIN THE NEXT GAME!!! ZETTAI!!! πŸ˜€

P1050522 resize

P1050525 resize

P1050524 resize

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11 Responses

  1. He was actually looking for a player, especially players from European and American country.

    Just a gentle reminder. He was looking for European and American players… not from Indonesian. So, you’re just lucky because the others were not coming.

    Ehehehehe… Kidding bro!…

    *Baseball is one of your interest that we didn’t share, right?

  2. Btw, how’s the blogdesk problem? Fixed already?

  3. Goys: Hahhahah…. you got that right :p kekekkee… Yeah… unfortunately, we got balls with different sizes, yours is bigger and mine is smaller. But remember, mine is harder πŸ˜€ hehhehehe…. Errr… guys.. I`m talking about soccer and baseball!!! :p hihihih.

    As for the blogdesk problem, its fixed bro πŸ™‚ No problems found while posting this post πŸ˜€ yay!!

  4. wah hebat .. langsung bisa maen .. sepertinya menyenangkan.. btw semua orang jepang kok rasanya fanatik sama baseball.. olaah raga kebanggaan nih. semua temen-temen di sini sepertinya suka olah raga, ya baseball, bulutangkis, volley, basket.. dan semua pro πŸ˜€ wiku jadi pro nih…

  5. Hebat Wiku…kayaknya area mainnya menyenangkan.

    Ehh Jepang yang berbaju putih garis-garis tuh siapa, kok ga dikenalkan? hehehe

  6. Wiku, kok tidak sungkem2 sihhhhh…. udah ada notelp baru belon?

  7. Sandy: Cuma karena beruntung aja tuh San, jadi bisa langsung maen kemaren. Kalo lo mau, tar minggu depan ikutan aja. Kita masih butuh orang tambahan nih πŸ™‚

    Ibu Edratna: Wew… bahaya nih Bu. Tar saya laporan ama anaknya loh :p hehehe…. Yang baju garis-garis putih itu namanya Ito πŸ™‚

    Mbak Tari: Waduh… kemaren dah mau sungkem Mbak. Rencananya ke tempat Mbak Tari bareng qnoy. Cuma sayangnya mbak Tari lagi sibuk. Jadi terpaksa ditunda deh 😦 Tar kalo ada kesempatan pasti mampir kok πŸ™‚

  8. Not only you played baseball, also in a good, with nice-weather, with beatiful-scenery, wide baseball field. YOU ALSO PLAYED SECOND? How rude….:-)

    Untungnya, loe ga menang…huehueuhheuuhe ups…dont be mad, just (barely) kidding πŸ™‚

  9. aku maen? wahaaaaa…. bisa kelempar tuh pemukul baseball …btw .. keio kalah sama waseda 7-0 😦
    eh kamu emang kul di mana sekarang? todai?

  10. Ridwan: Huahahhahahhahahhhaa… serves you right!!! :p

    Sandy: Wei… 7-0? kayak score maen badminton aja?? :p kekekke… kidding πŸ˜€ kampusku di ookayama bos. Mampir lah kapan2. Jangan lupa bawa `temen` :p kekekkee….

  11. heh…. “temen”…. errrrrrrrr……

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