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`Merah Putih` in the heart of Tokyo

Hallo again… 😀

Last week, Tokodai, the university in which I do my study now, held a festival for two days. Starting from saturday and continued to sunday. It seems that this is one of the annual activity in Tokodai campus. Unfortunately, I didn`t know about this until one of my Indonesian friend told me about it. Well… although the whole campus was actually filled with the announcement of this fest, I have no clue at all since they all written in Japanese Kanji 😦 Too bad that I`m still bad at reading kanji, not to mention understanding the meaning 😥 Anyway, this is another matter which I have to conquer in order to survive in Tokyo 😀 wish me luck, k? 🙂

So… the festival, which is called koudaisai (correct me if I`m wrong), has some kind of similarity with what we have in my campus in Indonesia. All the campus clubs and communities were joining and opened their stands. However, they were all opening either food, merchandise or games stand. Unlike what we have in Indonesia, where we advertise our clubs or communities for recruitment of new members, they only focused on gaining profit for their clubs by selling food, merchandise, or games. It seemed to me that they have another way of getting new members, other than using this opportunity. notes: I`m still trying to find out how they actually recruit new members since maybe… just maybe… we can apply the method in Indonesia 😀

So… as part of the tokodai communities, Indonesian students were also joining the fest, including me of course 🙂 The students, led by Budi, opened up an Indonesian food stand. And since the festival also have a performance contest, not to miss the chance, our students decided to take part on it. They came up with Saman Dance for the performance 🙂 Way to go guys… and gals…. 😀

So… these so called… `Indonesian warrior` open up a stand, which is standing right in the most strategic place in this fest (in my opinion :D). They were selling Indonesian sate. Although I missed up the opportunities to taste it, but it really looked good to me 🙂 yummy!!!

P1050552 P1050554

P1050629 P1050640

P1050653 P1050637

As for me, I joined up in the Saman dance team 🙂 We were led by Qnoy who seems to know a lot about this dance. She was teaching us all the movement. Well… we actually have several times for practice. However…. due to some unexplainable reasons, I can only did it two times. Once before the fest, and the other one just one and half hour before the contest :p hehehhe…. (Terribly sorry guys… I know I made a lot of mistakes during the performance 😥 )

Well… the performance itself was running smoothly, but of course with some mistakes here and there. And as you can guess… I think I made a lot of contribution on that mistakes… yay!!! Errr…. wrong expression dude. It should be… my bad 😦 Well… I don`t know what to say. I guess I just want you to know how sorry I am for that mistakes… sighhh….

6 3

2 7

Anyway… good job on the dance guys 😀 Although we only won as the second winner, It definitely a great job 🙂 Thanks to Qnoy for the instruction, and … well… err… for the singing too I guess :p hehheheh…. And thanks to all of you who also participate in the dance 🙂 Last but not least, thanks for the festival committee for doing such a great job 🙂

If you are interested, you can see our performance in you tube 🙂 (Thanks to Abu KR for the upload 😀 )

Hmmm… Doing the dance and watching the performance movie really remind me how wonderful my country is 😀

The fact about Saman Dance:

Saman dance is one of the traditional dance of Indonesia. It came from Acehnese people, Gayo highland. It usually performed during Aceh cultural events. It also performed to celebrate the birthday of Moeslem`s prophet, Muhammad. As for the name, Saman word was taken from one of the great syech in Aceh, Syech Saman.

Saman dance is usually performed using gendang combined with the tapping and clapping sound from the dancer. The dancing is led by someone called syech who sing the song along with the dancer movements.

However, it should be noted that this dance was adopted from Arabic and Persian. The dance was combined with indigenous styles of dance to form the newer generation of dances in Indonesia, in the era of Islam. So… is it right for us to claim Saman dance as ours?? Hmm… no idea yet. What do you think? 😀


13 Responses

  1. Koudaisai Tokodai 2007

    Hari ini dan besok di kampus Ookayama Tokodai diselenggarakan festival yang namanya Koudaisai. Ini adalah even tahunan yang menurut para senpai di sini mengundang banyak keramaian. Yang datang bukan cuma mahasiswa saja, tapi juga masyarakat sekitar dan…

  2. wah sayang nya ndak bisa dateng karena ada ujian 😦

  3. sayang nya potonya kecil .. ngga bisa ngeliat semua muka temen2…

  4. eh keliatan si acid dan RK .. :D.. sorry buat RK .. padahal aku dah diundang bwt dateng. ada ujian nih teman….

    ternyata tokodai toh kul nya.. selamat bergabung! eh kasih liputan yang lengkap dong tentang festival dan stand nya. ato ada ngga blog temen yang punya ulasannya tentang apa aja yang dijual di stand Indonesia..taun depan pengen jualan juga di kampus ku 😀

  5. Mahasiswa: Hmmm… awak kurang ngerti nih apa arti komennya?? ?

    Sandy: Wew… spammer nih ceritanya?? kekekkeke…. Liputan lengkapnya saya belum punya San. Soalnya kemaren lebih berkutat di tari saman. Coba kontak ppi-nya tokodai deh. Ke si Ibunk M01. Doi Pak lurahnya sekarang… katanya :p kekkeke

  6. Wah seru banget tuh kelihatannya mas.
    Indonesia memang kaya budaya mas
    *ngeloyor lihat vidio dulu ah 😀 *

  7. *laporan*
    wah tariannya benar-benar seru tuh, apa nggak capek dan bingung ya, makin lama makin cepet kayak gitu 😕 😉

  8. @mas wiku
    mahasiswa itu saya mas, reza. jadi itu maksudnya trackback, bukan comment, semacam pemberitahuan tentang link postingan saya yang berhubungan dengan postingan mas wiku.. hehehe..

  9. Anas: Lumayan seru Nas :)Dan narinya emang bikin capek abis :p Kalo diperatiin, dari tarian ini bisa ketebak mana yang muda dan mana yang tua. Coba liat deh, pas abis nari, yang bangunnya paling akhir pasti paling tua :p kekekek… kakinya ampe kram nahan posisi 😀

    Reza: Oooo… ic ic…. kirain 😀 maap… maklum gaptek :p kekekke

  10. Does anyone know the translation of the original Gayo song? I am a student and am writing a paper on the Tari Saman dance, yet I do not understand Bahasa Indonesian language. I was also wondering where I could find more information about the history, context, etc. of the Saman dance…

  11. Jangel: I will try to ask my friend about it. I`ll let you know later, k? 🙂

  12. Thank you. I will be writing my paper this week, so the sooner the better. Thank you for your input.

  13. Hi Jangel, I`ve sent the translation to your email. I hope that you can find it useful 🙂

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