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Koudaisai pictures

Hi dudes… 😀

Well.. these are the pictures taken during tokodai festival. Since I can`t send it to the mailing list due to the size, and I also failed in uploading the file to the hosting website, I decided to put it in my blog instead. So… enjoy 🙂

P1050545 resize P1050546 resize P1050547 resize P1050548 resize P1050549 resize

P1050550 resize P1050551 resize P1050552 resize P1050553 resize P1050554 resize

P1050555 resize P1050628 resize P1050629 resize P1050630 resize P1050631 resize

P1050632 resize P1050633 resize P1050634 resize P1050638 resize P1050639 resize

P1050640 resize P1050641 resize P1050642 resize P1050643 resize P1050644 resize

P1050646 resize P1050647 resize P1050648 resize P1050649 resize P1050650 resize

P1050651 resize P1050653 resize P1050654 resize P1050655 resize P1050657 resize

P1050661 resize P1050662 resize P1050664 resize P1050665 resize


7 Responses

  1. We need more beautiful woman pictures, not you 🙂

  2. oh ternyata dah ada poto gedenya di sini 🙂 thanx….sepertinya asik ya festival nya 🙂

  3. loh kok foto akunya ga ada??? foto grafernya gimana siy? 😛

  4. Ridwan: Wahahhaha… those one are definitely go to my `secret folder` dude 😀

    Sandy: Lumayan bos. Asyik dan ramai 🙂

    Glittery Pury: Wew…. mampir juga akhirnya dirimu 😀 Loh… kan wajar ga ada. Kan fotomu juga masuk ke `secret folder`… :p kekekkeke

  5. Scanning for Q…
    Right click… save image as… save
    Close window…


  6. Goys: Oi… oi…. I`ve already saved more of that parts for you dude 😀 You just need to ask 🙂

  7. Wiku,

    Kok stand nya ada yang jualan hiasan dari batik motif kawung, stand Indonesiakah?
    Corak batik kawung kan khas dari Jawa, dulu alm ibuku sering memakai corak tsb untuk kerja sehari-hari, maklum ibu masih pakai kebaya dan kain panjang batik untuk pakaian sehari-hari.

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