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Industrial visit to Makino

Hi dudes 🙂

Hmm… have any you heard about this company named Makino? Well… I`m quite sure that those whose field is related with Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing have heard about them. Its one of the well-known company for metal cutting and manufacturing technology. They produced machining tools like Milling, EDM, Wire EDM, manufacturing software, etc. Well, I have no intention at all to advertise on them (except it they are willing to pay for it… cough…coughhh…. :p )

So… what happen is, our lab members, along with other Tokodai Bachelor students, were having a chance to visit the company on Monday (2007/10/29). Well… Of course, I was also invited 😀 I was really excited since its a good opportunity for me to see how they actually build the machine. Especially since I was using some of their machine during my study, and some of them were giving me troubles due to its complexity :p hehehhe…. So, thats why I was hoping that I can learn a lot during this visit 🙂 Which I really did 😀

So, on that fine Monday morning, I was surprisingly able to wake up early :p Thanks a lot to my anxiety, I woke up at 6 am, and directly went to my lovely bathtub :p fiuhhh… refreshed!!! After finishing my breakfast, I went out on 8 am. It was early for me since I usually left home at 9 am :p hehehe… So, After alighting at Shinjuku station, I transferred to Yamanote-line to go to Shibuya. Well… a bit lost over here for about 10 minutes 😀 Then I managed to get the train, Toyoko-line, and alighted at Toritsu-Daigaku station 🙂

I was there really early. The time was 8.46 am, while our meeting time with the other labmates was on 9.15 am. So, I stood there while watching the high school co-gals passed by me and wait calmly 😀 Finally, my labmates came. Starting from Hasan, See, Hibino-san, Namatame-san, and Uchida-san. Unfortunately, some of them didn`t show up since they`ve already did it last year 😦 We talked for a while, and went to the Makino headquarter by foot. Unfortunately, none of us has gone to that place yet so we have to rely on the map printed by See. Hmm… it reminded me of my childhood games, treasure hunt :p

And then, we made it 😀 safe and sound…. After entering the building, we were guided to the seminar room where other students and our sensei were waiting. It seemed that they are going to begin the opening ceremony 🙂 So.. we sat on the chairs and waited for further instruction from the Makino representatives.

P1050667 P1050668

Finally, the opening ceremony was started. They started by giving a brief review on the company. Bla..bla…bla… yada…yada…yada… well… all the time i just said… `hmmm…. wakarimashita…hmm….hai…hai…..` I got no clues at all about what he was saying. Its all in Japanese 😦 hiks…hiks…. `Well… ok.. lets get this one over with… fast!!` I said to myself :p hehehhe….


Finally… it was over 😀 Yay!!!…. They told us to go downstair to see their display of the equipments and product samples. Wow… this is the interesting part 😀 We went down, and bammm…. we were amazed by what they have in store for us….. Ck..ck…ckk…. It was simply amazing…!!! I really wished that our campus in Indonesia can get these kind of equipments so that we can get things done quickly :p hehheheh….


Vertical Machining Center


Giant Vertical Machining Center


Horizontal@Machining Center

Well…. how about the product samples?? Check this out, dude….


Engine cover processed by Radius End Mill


High accuracy (~1 um) Milling results


Die casting die


Direct milling of forging die


Big Makino`s symbol wave


Giant dies??


Balance cutting of copper electrodes

P1050721 P1050722 P1050724

Steel-car made by milling

Wow… all of them were amazing 😀 After satisfied with these view, we were told to go outside and wait for the company Bus. We were continuing our visit to the Makino`s factory. This is the place where they design, fabricate, and build their machines. Since the factory is outside of Tokyo city, we have to take the bus to get there 🙂 So… we spent one and half hours in the bus before we finally arrived at the factory. And then, they started the next session with my favorite acitivity, lunch!!! 😀 They have prepared a bento for each of us 😀 it was delicious :p hehehhee…. not only since its free… but also due to the taste 😀

After that, they started to give us another briefing, mostly for the safety precaution inside the factory. As expected, taking pictures in the factory is prohibited 😦 sighh…. and telling the story about it might give me some troubles later. So, I can only say that we went in…. having some fun… and went back to Tokyo :p hehhehehehe…….

P1050679 P1050686 P1050712

Notes: All the pictures shown are taken with permission during the industrial visit.


11 Responses

  1. Dude,
    On the ninth picture. It said:
    Die casting die.

    It should’ve been:
    Die!! Casting, DIE!!!

    btw, I have never heard about Makino. But I’ve heard about Markono before, and surely have heard about Akino 😀

  2. Goys: No way, dude. I`m 100% sure that I spell it correctly 😀 AKino?? Hmm… Haven`t heard about that person…. All I know is Qnoy :p kekekkeke

  3. Wiku,

    Bagaimana prosedur bikinnya? Pernahkah ke Krakatau Steel? Jika Wiku bisa cerita (atau ga boleh ya), kan bisa sharing ke teman2 lain. Sayangnya perjalanan hidupku melihat berbagai industri, dari kecil sampai besar, semuanya off the record, jadi ga bisa diceritakan ke pihak luar.

  4. Mr.wiku kok pakean formal sendiri 😀 yang lain nyante

  5. goio :: eitss.. apa nih nyebut2 akino segala? meni gak pake ijin mo ngiklan teh.. :D.. eh mo laporaaann.. masa masa.. ama wiku.. gak keitung cewe siiii?? uhuhuhuhuhu.. secara aku manis nan ayu lemah gemulai begini gitu goiiii.. uhuhuhuhuhu..

    glitterpury :: si mister mah suka tampak formal ajah lagi pur.. gapapalah.. biar sesuai umur deh penampakannya.. :D..

    wiku :: mameennn.. diajak karaokean ama triwanto.. ayoh kita serang tempat2 karaoke shinjuku ituhh.. tapi abis gw menang lawan tugas yah??

  6. Bah cowo semua…gak seru…

  7. Qnoi,
    Hu uh! emangnya di dunia ini cuman ada satu Akino? *eh, kalo di duniaku sih cuman ada kamu ding hihihihihi…. heh? heh? gak keitung cewek? Wiku, ada apa ini?!? … :p…

    Serious question: in terms of cost-effective, what kind of industry do those machine use in? I mean, against conventional manufacturing machine. Do they give you the comparison?

  8. [OOT]huwooohohoho…udah lama nggak berkunjung kesini…hehehehe…*tapi emang lagi jarang blogwalking juga saat ini* loh sekarang di jepang? waduh waduh…ok deh sukses yaakkzz…

    ps: btw, gw punya blog yang khusus cerita..biar gak nyampur2 ama tulisan biasa. http://muthepunyacerita.wordpress.com

  9. hallo Wiku, salam kenal! my first time :mrgreen:

  10. Will, it was along time ago I visited your blog. And now, I am very surprised that you are living in Japan. It is for your Phd, isn’t it? 🙂 Okay yo’re great, God luck yah…

  11. Yo Dude…

    akhirnya bisa kesana juga yeee….gmana seru kan???
    waktu itu diriku juga kayk anak kecil ketemu mainan baru….

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