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Insecticide in your coffee??

Wow.. I just read a surprising news. Apparently, some guy in Tokyo end up drinking a can of coffee containing insecticide. Fortunately, he didn`t suffer from any side effect or illness. But still, insectide??

It was said that it was propoxur, an ingredient of an insecticide used to control cockroaches, flies and other insects. It was found in one of coffee can from the vending machine in Tokyo. However, they didn`t say anything about the company who made it. Sighh… I don`t really know the reason. But it seems to me that the company has a really good PR on their side.

Hmmm… anyway, I think the main question is, how the hel* did that insecticide goes inside the coffee can??? ……… 😦


5 Responses

  1. Temanmu kuat dong ya…..tak ada rsisiko apa-apa?

  2. It goes along with the coffe bean…
    hihihi ngarang ya???
    kopi-nya bukan organik tuch… :p

  3. mmmmm…

    intinya kopi ama rokok mah uenak tenan


  4. ga suka minum kopi
    takut item

  5. hai,,,, bisa aq nitip buku dari jepang??

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