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    someone who find an interest in blogging. Thinking of sharing stories and common knowledges to other people. It might or might not be useful to you, but you never know... until you read it :D Sooo... just sit back, relax, and enjoy your stay :)

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A hatter slept beside a very very big tree. When he woke up, all his hats gone. Looking up, high above, on the branches of the huge tree, he saw a group of monkeys playing with his hats. He picked up a stone, yelled out, made the monkeys pay attention. Then he raised the stone forward, and dropped it. The monkeys imitated him, raised the hats forward, then dropped them. The hatter collected all his hats back. Later, he often told this story to his children.
One day, one of his grandchildren, now also a hatter, slept beside the tree in his grandpa’s story. When he woke up, all his hats also gone. He looked up immediately and saw a group of monkeys holding his hats, looking at him. Remembered the story, he picked up a stone, raised it forward, and dropped it, but the monkeys did nothing. He tried to do again several times, but nothing happened. While he was standing there, wondering to himself, a voice from above said: “Hey you! We have grandpa too!”


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