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Confidence? or simply stupid…

Hi dudes…

I just remembered something that happened three days ago. As usual, I was doing my usual routine, and went to sleep around 10 pm. Fortunately, I didn`t have any coffee that night so I slept quite easily after getting in my comfortable futon.

But then…. as I sleep, something woke me up 😦 I felt really strange as my body was moving by itself. I was kinda thrown right and left in my futon 😦 “Woww… what the hell is happening??” I thought to myself.

I opened my eyes, and I saw the lamp on my ceiling was moving like crazy. All of the furnitures were also shaking as if they were alive. “Ahhhh… this must be an earthquake…” I said to myself. Then, I just lied down in my futon, and wait for the earthquake to be over. I kept saying to myself, “Don`t worry, it will be over soon”. After that, I went back to sleep.

In the next morning, I opened up the newspaper online, and read that the earthquake center was quite close. And it was 6.7R!!! What… that was a big one, wasn`t it? I was really surprised.

Then it came to me that what I did back then was really strange. How could I just lied down there and do nothing? What made me so confidence that it will be over soon without any worries that I might get hurt? I don`t know 😦 Maybe I was simply stupid….

Hmm… guess I have to be more prepared next time 🙂 I should start looking for information on how to deal with earthquake. Better safe than sorry, don`t you think? 😀


7 Responses

  1. wik.. plis deh.. 6,7SR itu di tochigi begitu loh.. di tokyo gak segede gituh.. makanya masi bisa sante2 aja..kalo 6,7 SR beneran mah mana bisa tidur lagi? lampu2 udah berjatuhan tuh kalo segitu..

  2. Hahahah… termasuk deket juga kali 🙂 Secara diriku belum pernah ngerasain gempa segede itu. Tapi masalahnya kan kalo ternyata beneran deket banget, dan saya masih kayak kemaren, kayaknya bakal ikut kontribusi di jumlah korban 😦 hiks hiks…

  3. tidak merasakan apa2…. tertidur pulas ….

  4. dasar kebluk ajah km na ……. 😀

  5. Sebenarnya kalau kita lagi di lantai atas, dan goncangan begitu keras, mau turun juga sulit, karena namanya jalan aja susah.

    Saat terjadi gempa sebelum tsunami, kata teman-teman, mereka pada tiarap di tanah, karena tak kuat berdiri…dan gedung tinggi mobat-mabit (ehh apa ya bahasa Indonesia yang tepat)?

  6. gak ngerasa pusing apa? *ups komennya telat*

  7. Perhaps it was bettter that you just went back to sleep. If it was going to be catastrophic, you might not have made it out of your house anyways.

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