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Confidence? or simply stupid…

Hi dudes…

I just remembered something that happened three days ago. As usual, I was doing my usual routine, and went to sleep around 10 pm. Fortunately, I didn`t have any coffee that night so I slept quite easily after getting in my comfortable futon.

But then…. as I sleep, something woke me up 😦 I felt really strange as my body was moving by itself. I was kinda thrown right and left in my futon 😦 “Woww… what the hell is happening??” I thought to myself.

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Back to my oldself

Wow… I am getting pretty busy lately. Especially since the year is coming to its end. Quoting from my boss, “Complete everything that you’ve planned before the year end. or else… you’ll be finished!!”. Heheheh… he didn’t actually say that. But for me, it seems better if I take it that way. I need more pressure to keep myself running my engine 😀

But, personally, this kind of working load is really what I need now. Especially since I really miss someone in Indonesia, I need to keep myself busy. It helps me to keep my head clear all the time.

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My first Game, Hit, Walk, and Strike Out after 3 years

Hi again dudes 🙂

A few weeks ago, just a few days after my arrival in Tokyo, I met this gentleman, Sennari-san. It was happening when I was having a problem with the TV remote control and the phone line in my room. That was the time when I decided to call the front desk, asking for help. So… Sennari-san came up and helped me with the remote and phone. While he was checking on the problematic gadgets, I was checking on him…. err…. no.. no.. wrong sentence!! :p hehehe… I was curious with his left hand since his pinky was wrapped up with bandages.

Well… as a kind and considerate human being… 😀 I asked him what happen to his hand. To my surprise, he told me that his finger was injured when he was playing baseball. Ehhh…. what a coincidence!! I was spending my days finding a person who plays baseball and here he was, standing in front of me. What a surprise!! I said 😀 After that we talked about his team and I asked him whether I can play in his team or not. And then… he gave me another surprised. He was actually looking for a player, especially players from European and American country. It seems to me that he is building an international team 😀 Way to go Senna-san!!!

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Terribly sorry, dudes :(

Howdy ……

Wew, it has been three weeks since I update my blog 😦  So sorry guys. I am still working on something now. So, I am afraid that I can’t answer your comments nor posting articles for awhile. Well, at least for another two weeks until I finally settle down from all of my holiday trip 🙂

So…. farewell…. and wish me luck, will you? 😀

Thank you… and farewell…….

Resize of P1030806

Finally, I’ve come to the point where I can happily said that I’ve reached my goal. It’s been a tough time for me during these past two years. It started with a smile…. and ended with a bigger smile 🙂

These past two years have been the toughest time in my life. The time where I struggled and suffered the most. But, I endure… persevere. Not because of me…. but because of you… my friends and colleagues. Therefore, I dedicate this post for all of you, who have been there for me. Who gave me hopes…. who gave me strength…. who gave me encouragement…. who gave me consolations… and other things which can’t be said here. I know that my thanks are not enough for everything you’ve done for me… but nevertheless…. it’s everything I have. Thank you… thank you… thank you… and thank you… I wish you all the best… for now… and the future.

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When two become one

“Because we have grown in knowledge and love for one another; because we agree in our desire to go forward into life seeking a richer and ever deepening relationship; and because we have pledged ourselves to meet sorrow and joy as one family, we affirm that we are now husband and wife” (clap…. clappp… claappppp 😀 )

That sentence stroke me as I surfs the internet for the information about marriage. The most sacred thing which we human possessed. Don’t get the wrong idea though… I am not getting married. Planning to.. but still waiting for the right time, place, and of course…. the right one 😀

So… what happen is.. I suddenly have this kind of urge to find the information about marriage from the internet. This is because.. a few days ago, I received a message from my friend in Indonesia. And… he said that… he is getting married next month (Congratulations mate 😀 Wish you all the best)

The marriage itself is not the interesting part which I want to share with you today 🙂 The thing is, he send me a link, to a site where he put his wedding invitation and all others information related with their marriage. Their first meeting, pictures, family, mailing list for the wedding (yes, mailing list 😛 quite interesting isn’t it 😀 ), location map, Honeymoon plan, and even the atendance confirmation 🙄 And… woww… I was amazed!!! :mrgreen: This is the first time I saw such thing. I mean, the conventional way in our culture is by sending the invitation through the mail, phone, or email. But this one is really different. Genius!!! I would say 😀

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Dream of a lifetime (Day 1)


Every man has dreams. Something precious… Something that we long for… Something that we want to get or to do.. no matter what the cost is. I believe that we all have this in ourself. No matter how big or small that dream is… we still have it. The choice is all yours, whether you want to go for it… or to let it go. But… when you decide to go for it… fight for it… chase it till the end… succeed.. or die trying!!

For some people, they dream of wealth, power, world peace, land, happiness, health, home, or even woman 😈 …. Sometimes, they dream something unique or different in a way (i.e. climbing Mt. Everest). How about your dream?? 🙂

As for me… I have a lot of dreams. Thanks to my family and friends,… some of them have already been done. But the others are still left to be accomplished. And now… I am getting close to the time where I have to complete one of my dreams which has been running trough my head for the past 8 years. This one is not really something big scale like saving the world or become a president 😀 … it just something that I want to do, as someone who loves his country. Someone who wants to know what his country has, and enjoy it to the fullest 😀 The dream… is…

7 days road trip of Java Island 🙂

Check it out, dudes!!!….

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