Its just a matter of counts

It is always interesting to know that a lot of people are using the internet to search for sex related materials everyday. They might be searching for just some stories, clips, pictures, or even movies. Why? Well, I am sorry to say that I can`t answer that question. You could go and search `why people search sex in the internet?` from any search engine and you might be able to find your answer :p hehehhe….

Well… the fact that there a lot of people searching for these materials is not a surprise, though. I guess people have their own needs :p hehehehhe…. But, the interesting thing is that there are some smart people who actually able to take advantage of this trend and gain money from it. How?

The only thing that `mr. smart` has to do is to make a dummy site. Dummy means that it doesn`t actually have anything in it. Just put in some sex related words, some advertisement banner and its done. Now `mr. smart` just have to wait for the search engine to scan his website. Once the `curious guy` putting in their search string on the search engine, `mr. smart`s` website will be shown as one of the search results if the search string matches with the words `mr. smart` put in earlier. Then, bam!! This `curious guy` will click on it and add one hit counter to `mr. smart`s` website. For each visitor hit counter, the company who advertises on ``s` website will pay him some amount of money. It just a matter of time that other `curious guys` will fall to the same trick and keep adding the hit counter, which means putting more money to `mr. smart`s` pocket 😀

But then, I was curious… How many people are actually fall for this trick?? Hmmm… I don`t know yet. So that is why I want to find out. How?? Well, I am going to put up some of those `interesting` words used in one dummy post after this. However, since sex related words are quite sensitive, I guess it will be better if I keep it in a hidden page. This might be an advantage as well since I can be sure that the one visiting that page would be the coming from the search engine 🙂 Based on the blog stats and search history on my dashboard, I guess I will be able to get some ideas on how many people were actually fall for this trick :mrgreen: hehehehhe….

nb: Hmm… putting it here seems like a bad idea 😦 I am changing my mind and put it somewhere else. I`ll get back to you and report the `mission` progress later 😀


2 Responses

  1. :)) hahahahah aku tau km dapet ide untuk postingan kali ini dari mana 🙂

  2. Wew… masih inget ternyata dirimu 😀

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