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Insecticide in your coffee??

Wow.. I just read a surprising news. Apparently, some guy in Tokyo end up drinking a can of coffee containing insecticide. Fortunately, he didn`t suffer from any side effect or illness. But still, insectide??

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Its just a matter of counts

It is always interesting to know that a lot of people are using the internet to search for sex related materials everyday. They might be searching for just some stories, clips, pictures, or even movies. Why? Well, I am sorry to say that I can`t answer that question. You could go and search `why people search sex in the internet?` from any search engine and you might be able to find your answer :p hehehhe….

Well… the fact that there a lot of people searching for these materials is not a surprise, though. I guess people have their own needs :p hehehehhe…. But, the interesting thing is that there are some smart people who actually able to take advantage of this trend and gain money from it. How?

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Understanding Japanese is only one click away

Well…. the title tells all the story. Since I always end up struggling when I received emails in Japanese and my wonderful little electronic dictionary is way too complicated to help me translating the email, I always end up asking my labmate to translate it for me. But… I know that its really troublesome for some people, and I don`t wanna make my friends feel that way to me. So I end up relying on myself now….. I have to!!!

Well…. the best choice is actually to learn the language faster than ever… but it still takes time. No matter how much time I spend on learning Japanese language, I still need at least another three months to be able to read and understand the content of that email. So… I decided to use this option for the long term usage.

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Indonesian TV streaming: SCTV, RCTI, AnTV, and MetroTV

Hi dudes 😀

Well.. this one will be a short post. I really need to post this one since there were a lot of people having trouble using the “indline” tool. Well.. I really have no trouble using it, so up to now, I am still wondering why does it occured to you. Anyway, I am not going to explain the way to solve your problems using “Indline”. Instead, I am going to give you another way to do it. Much easier way of course, with more channels to choose from 😀 Sweeeeetttt… 🙂 right?

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Industrial visit to Makino

Hi dudes 🙂

Hmm… have any you heard about this company named Makino? Well… I`m quite sure that those whose field is related with Mechanical Engineering or Manufacturing have heard about them. Its one of the well-known company for metal cutting and manufacturing technology. They produced machining tools like Milling, EDM, Wire EDM, manufacturing software, etc. Well, I have no intention at all to advertise on them (except it they are willing to pay for it… cough…coughhh…. :p )

So… what happen is, our lab members, along with other Tokodai Bachelor students, were having a chance to visit the company on Monday (2007/10/29). Well… Of course, I was also invited 😀 I was really excited since its a good opportunity for me to see how they actually build the machine. Especially since I was using some of their machine during my study, and some of them were giving me troubles due to its complexity :p hehehhe…. So, thats why I was hoping that I can learn a lot during this visit 🙂 Which I really did 😀

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My first Game, Hit, Walk, and Strike Out after 3 years

Hi again dudes 🙂

A few weeks ago, just a few days after my arrival in Tokyo, I met this gentleman, Sennari-san. It was happening when I was having a problem with the TV remote control and the phone line in my room. That was the time when I decided to call the front desk, asking for help. So… Sennari-san came up and helped me with the remote and phone. While he was checking on the problematic gadgets, I was checking on him…. err…. no.. no.. wrong sentence!! :p hehehe… I was curious with his left hand since his pinky was wrapped up with bandages.

Well… as a kind and considerate human being… 😀 I asked him what happen to his hand. To my surprise, he told me that his finger was injured when he was playing baseball. Ehhh…. what a coincidence!! I was spending my days finding a person who plays baseball and here he was, standing in front of me. What a surprise!! I said 😀 After that we talked about his team and I asked him whether I can play in his team or not. And then… he gave me another surprised. He was actually looking for a player, especially players from European and American country. It seems to me that he is building an international team 😀 Way to go Senna-san!!!

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Thank you… and farewell…….

Resize of P1030806

Finally, I’ve come to the point where I can happily said that I’ve reached my goal. It’s been a tough time for me during these past two years. It started with a smile…. and ended with a bigger smile 🙂

These past two years have been the toughest time in my life. The time where I struggled and suffered the most. But, I endure… persevere. Not because of me…. but because of you… my friends and colleagues. Therefore, I dedicate this post for all of you, who have been there for me. Who gave me hopes…. who gave me strength…. who gave me encouragement…. who gave me consolations… and other things which can’t be said here. I know that my thanks are not enough for everything you’ve done for me… but nevertheless…. it’s everything I have. Thank you… thank you… thank you… and thank you… I wish you all the best… for now… and the future.

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