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Insecticide in your coffee??

Wow.. I just read a surprising news. Apparently, some guy in Tokyo end up drinking a can of coffee containing insecticide. Fortunately, he didn`t suffer from any side effect or illness. But still, insectide??

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Its just a matter of counts

It is always interesting to know that a lot of people are using the internet to search for sex related materials everyday. They might be searching for just some stories, clips, pictures, or even movies. Why? Well, I am sorry to say that I can`t answer that question. You could go and search `why people search sex in the internet?` from any search engine and you might be able to find your answer :p hehehhe….

Well… the fact that there a lot of people searching for these materials is not a surprise, though. I guess people have their own needs :p hehehehhe…. But, the interesting thing is that there are some smart people who actually able to take advantage of this trend and gain money from it. How?

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Trip to Aogashima

Hello again dudes 🙂

Hahhaha…. as usual, I`ve been absent from my blog for quite some time 😦 Well.. it can`t be helped. Got a mouth to feed 😀 Hehehhe… and due to my lazyness, of course.

Anyway, last month, my friend Habib and me were invited to attend Kokyusai Koryukai in Aogashima, starting from 31 January 2008- 2 February 2008. Kokyusai Koryukai is a Japanese term for an International Culture Exhange program. In this program, we were requested to introduce our country (culture, food, flora and fauna, etc).

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Aogashima is a small island which is part of the Izu islands of Tokyo area, Japan. It is approximately 385,4 km south of mainland Tokyo. The island is considered to be the least populous municipality in the whole of Japan. As of October 2007, the population is only 211 people over an area of 5.98 km^(2). Since the population is really small, there is only one school that is available for elementary and the junior high school students.

The island itself is like a fortress. It is surrounded by high cliff of approximately 100-300 meter in height. Therefore, this island has no beach. Based on the people who live over there, the island is actually a peak of an active volcano. The last volcano erruption (tenmei erruption) was occurred more than 200 years ago (1781-1785) which took more than half of the population at that time.

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The Chrysanthemum flower

Hi dudes,

Well.. this one was supposed to be uploaded before the new year. But, due to many reasons, especially due to my laziness, I can only make this post now 😦

Well… approximately less than two months ago, one of my best friend was here in Japan. Well… he was supposed to visit his sister and also having a reunion with his family, but I know more than well what he was really up to in Tokyo :p hehehehhe…. On one occasion, I believe it was on November 25, 2007; we met up in Harajuku station. Well… we haven`t met for quite sometimes afterall…. So we thought it will be a good idea to met up and catch up with eachother. In the end, there were three of us, me, Goys, and Q. After talking for a while, we went to one of the famous temple in Tokyo, MEIJI JINGU….. 😀

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Who said that winter is cold???

Well… we all know that winter is cold. As a matter of fact, it is common knowlegde to wear thick and warm clothes during winter. As for me, I always wear at least three layer of clothes and top it up with a coat. However, my logic was utterly destroyed during our ski trip to Hakuba Sanosaka last weekend. It was due to a certain man, who managed to shatter my image of cold and freezing winter.

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Here we go again… this time it`s snowboarding :D

Hi dudes…..

Finally, this is the 30th 😀 I managed to reach my target before the end of this year :p hehehhee….

Three days ago, I and my Indonesian friends in Tokyo were having a ski and snowboarding trip to Hakuba Sanosaka. The place was really close to Hakuba Goryu, the last ski place which I went to with my labmates. However, this time, we got 40 people in Total 😀 Amazing isn`t it? 🙂 Most of them are first timer for ski or snowboarding. I went along since I was thinking of trying snowboarding. I want to know which one is easier for me. In addition, going with other Indonesia fellows will be an exciting trip too… since at least it will be much easier to communicate :p hehehhehe….

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