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Another RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, MetroTV, and Trans TV streaming for you :D

Hi dudes….

First of all… !!!happy new year 2008!!!!!

And next, I got a new year present for you πŸ˜€ I got this update from my friend, again :p You can stream Indonesian TV channel, namely RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, MetroTV, and Trans TV; using this website http://intl.imediabiz.tv/ πŸ˜€ Click on the small button on top of the monitor like screen to watch it in full screen. What are you waiting for? Just click on it and enjoy :mrgreen:



Ooohhh… before I forget, I wish that this year would be much much and much better than last year πŸ˜€ Lets all make targets for this year and try to finish it before the next year end πŸ˜€ heheheheheh….. I wish you all the best luck πŸ™‚

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51 Responses

  1. wow much better! thanks and happy 2008!

  2. how come after a while the program goes off and asks to donate money? Do I have to donate before I can watch again?

  3. Umm Yusuf: You`re welcome and happy new year 2008 πŸ˜€ Regarding the money, I haven`t encountered it yet. Are you sure it wasn`t just an ad which can be skipped?

  4. Yes, actually, it was just an ad….it goes off after about 5 minutes

  5. HAJIMMAS, artigato ne, atas informasinya, yorosiku

  6. Hello ..
    if you guys want to watch Indonesian TV Station, you can watch them in my personal website :


    I also have bunch of indonesian movies and other movies.

    Enjoy, Have a nice day..

  7. Ah punyanya denny lambat nih dari luar.. terbatas. server indo lagi… http://www.imediabiz.tv tuh kenceng banget

  8. The stream is about a few minutes slower than the actual channel on TV. But thanks 4 the Info!

  9. hmmm…My friend told me that it only have 2 sec delay and i also feel the same way. From which country you access the site ?

  10. i,m very happy because i can whatch movies my country,thanks 4 the info.

  11. apa kabar? trims buat kakakku yang ngasih informasi,

  12. Ada yang bisa kasih info, kenapa aku ga bisa tune in imediabiz dari Qatar ya? apakah di semua Midddle East mengalami kesulitan yang sama. Thanks

  13. maaf mas,sekarang saya kok kagak bisa buka imediabiz,dulu pertama aku buka langsung bisa,tapi sekarang kagak bisa.why?

  14. saya berada di Middle East (UAE).tolong kasih infonya.please,thanks

  15. mang sama,.saya di abu dhabi juga susah..tapi bisa coba di tvunetwork.com,…disitu bisa nonton antv.

  16. Dengan adanya siaran ini kita semua jadi terhibur,dan terima kasih pada tim penyelengara dan sukses selalu

  17. Dengan adanya siaran ini kita jadi terhibur,dan jadi tambah wawasan,dan terima kasih pada tim penyelengara,sukses selalu.

  18. IndoMaffia Sudah Balik Guys….

    Will Update WebsiteKu soon deh…

    Better Streaming and Faster inclusief semua filem bisa di download untuk recode ke DVD….

    GreetZz to you all,

    The IndoMaffia Productions 2008

  19. hai semua met kenalan ya,asyikkkkkkkkk sekarang dara udah bisa nonton jd ngak rindu and ketinggalan film and sinetron indonesia thanks ya .oh ya kok ngak setiap hari ada sih

  20. hi there,nice to meet ya.I have my pc with windows vista so cannot open it the indonesian tv and i am really sad about this,please help me…

  21. waduh foto kedua siarannya di TV mana ya??? pasti acaranya bagus.. :mr green:

  22. Eh, cuma mau kasih info ajah kalo kamu bisa nonton TVRI juga lho..


  23. aaaaaahh…. jdi kangenn indoo.. hix2..

    btw adv influence, jdi pgn makan indomie, abis yg ini terjangkau hahaha.. tuh kan ada bagusnya taro streaming, buat penjualan barang indo di luar naek.. ehehe


  24. ok

  25. tolo ng ksi chanel RCTI dung//////////// Plissss

  26. imediabiz siaranya pertama bisa nonton, setelah 3 hari ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh,kagak bisa nonton lg kenape yeeeeeeeeee? temen2 kasi tahu dong biar bisa nonton lg. thankyou

  27. how do you use imediabiz to watch transtv?i clicked the site, and nothing happen to it.the video doesn’t seem to be buffering or loading.and does this website works no matter where i am?

  28. thanks bangeeeet deeeech ,setiaaap hari bisa nonto IKLAAN – IKLAAN di stasiun tv .,.,,.he ( 8 x )
    salam kangen aza buat negri tercinta, INDONESIA.

  29. hendra: Ada masalah apa Pak?

  30. saya nonton imediaz.tv, kenapa chanel rcti keluarnya sctv, sedangkan di chanel sctv di blok

  31. hi hi……yg http://www.dennyshotspot.com kok pas diklik ga isa ya?emangnya hrs pake firefox?IE ga isa displyain ya? tengkiu2 ya

  32. Update terbaru streaming gratis (tanpa iklan/donate paypal seperti imediabiz): SCTV, RCTI, Metrotv, Transtv, Trans7, Globaltv, Indosiar, silakan kunjungi
    catatan: hanya bisa dibuka di Microsoft Internet Explorer setelah autoinstall activex (plugin) Uplayer.

  33. coba ke streaming . nataprawira . com

  34. thank’s

  35. quite good

  36. iyo

  37. Hii Friend How Are You…

  38. mas denny..website nya kok di suspend..wah..hilang deh…

  39. mas denny…..www.dennyshotspot.com nya udah kena suspend…kasih tau kalo udah berubah ya…thanks,.

  40. Klw nntonnya d hp bs ga seh? Mlum, ga pnya kmpter. Thx.

  41. bagi yang bermasalah nonton indonesia tvnya di sini aja http://imedia-tv.blogspot.com/2009/05/indonesia-channel.html

  42. Hiya … I found your site by mistake. I was searching in Yahoo for Georgia vacations for my family trip when I came upon your site, I have to say your page is pretty informative, I just love the theme, its amazing!. I don’t have the time at the moment to totally read your entire site but I bookmarked it and also will sign up for your RSS feeds. I’ll back in a day or two. thanks for a nice site.

  43. minta siaran tv live

  44. tolong tv live nya

  45. hai inbox semoga kamu sukse aku kangen bng sm ka ivan ka gading andika

  46. nonton tv pake nokia 5800 bs gak ya??

  47. What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable experience
    regarding unexpected feelings.

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