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The Chrysanthemum flower

Hi dudes,

Well.. this one was supposed to be uploaded before the new year. But, due to many reasons, especially due to my laziness, I can only make this post now 😦

Well… approximately less than two months ago, one of my best friend was here in Japan. Well… he was supposed to visit his sister and also having a reunion with his family, but I know more than well what he was really up to in Tokyo :p hehehehhe…. On one occasion, I believe it was on November 25, 2007; we met up in Harajuku station. Well… we haven`t met for quite sometimes afterall…. So we thought it will be a good idea to met up and catch up with eachother. In the end, there were three of us, me, Goys, and Q. After talking for a while, we went to one of the famous temple in Tokyo, MEIJI JINGU….. 😀

Well… there are a lot of things to see over here. Especially all the ancient temple stuff and its well preserved building. But… the one that was really catched my interest was the flower exhibition, the chrysanthemum flower exhibition. It happened when we passed by the main road to the main temple. They apparently have some kind of stalls, on the left and right sides of the road, where they put all of this kind of chrysanthemum flowers for the visitors.

When I saw the flowers, I suddenly freezed in a way. It was really beautiful… I reached my camera, and without hesitation at all… Clickk…. Clickkk… Clickkk…. I took the pictures 😀 Based on the explanation given, these flowers were given by some kind of chrysanthemum flower group, to celebrate the festival of MEIJI JINGU.

This flower was said to be a perennial plant which has a long tradition in Japan. One interesting fact about this flower is that of the shape, which is said to represents the royal family. More infos about this flower can be found from here.

Wanna see the flower?? 😀 Here…..

P1050811 resize

P1050812 resize

P1050814 resize

P1050815 resize

P1050818 resize

P1050819 resize

P1050820 resize

P1050822 resize


2 Responses

  1. Imperial Seal of Japan!

  2. boleh di petik ga??? mau 😀 yan kuning gede itu.. :mrgreen:

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