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Who said that winter is cold???

Well… we all know that winter is cold. As a matter of fact, it is common knowlegde to wear thick and warm clothes during winter. As for me, I always wear at least three layer of clothes and top it up with a coat. However, my logic was utterly destroyed during our ski trip to Hakuba Sanosaka last weekend. It was due to a certain man, who managed to shatter my image of cold and freezing winter.

There is this man, who was coming down to Hakuba Sanosaka with us from Tokyo. No…no..no… he is not Japanese who is used to winter. He is in fact one of our comrades, Indonesian, who suppose to be vulnerable to winter like all of us Indonesian do. However, strange enough, he was successfully change our mind and make us looked like a fool at the same time 😦 sighhh…. what an admirable man. He has shown a different path that all of us should never take from the first place.

Wanna see what I am talking about??? Check this out!!! 😀

Warning: Don`t try this at home!!! Its definitely not worth trying :p kkekekkekeke….


6 Responses

  1. Eh, beneran nih diupload di youtube, kekeke. Ternyata salju tidak sedingin yang dibayangkan ya. Gimana pak sutradara cabul, ada proyek yang lain nggak, kekeke.

  2. Teddy: Hahhahah… Emang bukan manusia lo Ted :p hihihi… proyek lain banyak nih. Kita mulai dari Shibuya aja kali ya 😀 gimana?

  3. Orang gila emang ada di mana2… hehehe…
    Sepertinya berlawanan sekali dengan aku yang selalu kedinginan… bahkan di jakarta dan Singapore… hihihihi…

  4. gilingan sekeranjang…the latest slank i heard before left indonesia..hehhe…gila banget!
    but believe it or not…if you’re under a condition that force you..like it or not..take it or leave it..then you unconsciously will make yourself get use to of it..
    i’m a totally tropical girl that when i’m stay at my hometown..no matter what happen..i will stay away from what you called air conditioner..no matter how hot it is…
    but then, when i have to stay at where i am now..wow..such an experience..first few days i felt like in hell..(they said hell suppose to be hot but it’s not..hehheh)…after i got use to of the cold, now my skin just like a thick coat to me..
    bravo to who ever did that..
    cheers wiku

  5. haloo salam kenal..
    Aku Dana , tinggal di Ome… Wiku masuk bareng Tedi , Asril dll ya? dulu pernah ketemu sama mereka yg anak2 nuklir 1-2 kali pas ke SRIT ..
    bisa minta ym id nya? aku di: dana_tel
    yoroshiku ..

  6. lah ada yang kenalan kok di cuekin siy mas….

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