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Understanding Japanese is only one click away

Well…. the title tells all the story. Since I always end up struggling when I received emails in Japanese and my wonderful little electronic dictionary is way too complicated to help me translating the email, I always end up asking my labmate to translate it for me. But… I know that its really troublesome for some people, and I don`t wanna make my friends feel that way to me. So I end up relying on myself now….. I have to!!!

Well…. the best choice is actually to learn the language faster than ever… but it still takes time. No matter how much time I spend on learning Japanese language, I still need at least another three months to be able to read and understand the content of that email. So… I decided to use this option for the long term usage.

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Another RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, MetroTV, and Trans TV streaming for you :D

Hi dudes….

First of all… !!!happy new year 2008!!!!!

And next, I got a new year present for you 😀 I got this update from my friend, again :p You can stream Indonesian TV channel, namely RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, MetroTV, and Trans TV; using this website http://intl.imediabiz.tv/ 😀 Click on the small button on top of the monitor like screen to watch it in full screen. What are you waiting for? Just click on it and enjoy :mrgreen:

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Indonesian TV streaming: SCTV, RCTI, AnTV, and MetroTV

Hi dudes 😀

Well.. this one will be a short post. I really need to post this one since there were a lot of people having trouble using the “indline” tool. Well.. I really have no trouble using it, so up to now, I am still wondering why does it occured to you. Anyway, I am not going to explain the way to solve your problems using “Indline”. Instead, I am going to give you another way to do it. Much easier way of course, with more channels to choose from 😀 Sweeeeetttt… 🙂 right?

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I finally got my revenge

Howdy dudes…

Remember this story about my stupidity…. 😀 Well.. finally, after waiting for two years…. I got my second chance of using Singapore Airlines when I return to my country a few days ago 😛 heheheh…. But this time… I didn’t make the same mistake. Remember this old saying “Even the donkey doesn’t fall into the same hole twice… it falls into the next hole 😛 “. So thats why, this time… I have to make sure that I went to the airport fully prepared. Its kill or be killed 😈 . Before I went to the airport, I have checked every facilities that they offered from the internet 🙂

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When two become one

“Because we have grown in knowledge and love for one another; because we agree in our desire to go forward into life seeking a richer and ever deepening relationship; and because we have pledged ourselves to meet sorrow and joy as one family, we affirm that we are now husband and wife” (clap…. clappp… claappppp 😀 )

That sentence stroke me as I surfs the internet for the information about marriage. The most sacred thing which we human possessed. Don’t get the wrong idea though… I am not getting married. Planning to.. but still waiting for the right time, place, and of course…. the right one 😀

So… what happen is.. I suddenly have this kind of urge to find the information about marriage from the internet. This is because.. a few days ago, I received a message from my friend in Indonesia. And… he said that… he is getting married next month (Congratulations mate 😀 Wish you all the best)

The marriage itself is not the interesting part which I want to share with you today 🙂 The thing is, he send me a link, to a site where he put his wedding invitation and all others information related with their marriage. Their first meeting, pictures, family, mailing list for the wedding (yes, mailing list 😛 quite interesting isn’t it 😀 ), location map, Honeymoon plan, and even the atendance confirmation 🙄 And… woww… I was amazed!!! :mrgreen: This is the first time I saw such thing. I mean, the conventional way in our culture is by sending the invitation through the mail, phone, or email. But this one is really different. Genius!!! I would say 😀

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