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Pictures from Hakuba Sanosaka Ski and Snowboarding trip

Hi dudes…

Well… as requested, I am posting the pictures from the Hakuba Sanosaka ski and snowboarding trip in this blog. I hope that the admin from ppitokodai website (Reza) would give me the permission to upload the pictures into ppitokodai`s blog. But, for now, you can just take it from here 🙂

notes: to save the file, right click on it and choose “save link as …” (Firefox) or right click and choose “save target as…” (Internet Explorer).

P1060019 resize P1060024 resize P1060025 resize P1060026 resize

P1060027 resize P1060028 resize P1060030 resize P1060031 resize

P1060032 resize P1060033 resize P1060034 resize P1060035 resize

P1060036 resize P1060037 resize P1060038 resize P1060039 resize

P1060040 resize P1060041 resize P1060047 resize P1060049 resize

P1060050 resize P1060053 resize P1060056 resize P1060058 resize

P1060059 resize P1060060 resize P1060061 resize P1060062 resize

P1060063 resize P1060064 resize P1060072 resize P1060073 resize

P1060055 resize P1060074 resize P1060057 resize


5 Responses

  1. wew,,, mbok ya foto yang blur gag usah di pajang to,, mas mas…. muka mu juga ora ketok…. to….
    huehuehuehuehuehu bubu na meni bejejer gituh kayak pindang di kotak es… kekekkeke :mrgreen:

  2. kok gag bisa dikomenin perfoto ya…. er,,, gatel pingin ngasih komen per foto kekek apa lagih yang ada mas willy na.. kekekke

  3. subaru outback volvo v40 saab aero subaru impreza обои subaru impreza чип тюнинг subaru legacy 4×4 subaru impreza xv 893

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