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Another RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, MetroTV, and Trans TV streaming for you :D

Hi dudes….

First of all… !!!happy new year 2008!!!!!

And next, I got a new year present for you 😀 I got this update from my friend, again :p You can stream Indonesian TV channel, namely RCTI, SCTV, Trans7, MetroTV, and Trans TV; using this website http://intl.imediabiz.tv/ 😀 Click on the small button on top of the monitor like screen to watch it in full screen. What are you waiting for? Just click on it and enjoy :mrgreen:

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Who said that winter is cold???

Well… we all know that winter is cold. As a matter of fact, it is common knowlegde to wear thick and warm clothes during winter. As for me, I always wear at least three layer of clothes and top it up with a coat. However, my logic was utterly destroyed during our ski trip to Hakuba Sanosaka last weekend. It was due to a certain man, who managed to shatter my image of cold and freezing winter.

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Pictures from Hakuba Sanosaka Ski and Snowboarding trip

Hi dudes…

Well… as requested, I am posting the pictures from the Hakuba Sanosaka ski and snowboarding trip in this blog. I hope that the admin from ppitokodai website (Reza) would give me the permission to upload the pictures into ppitokodai`s blog. But, for now, you can just take it from here 🙂

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Here we go again… this time it`s snowboarding :D

Hi dudes…..

Finally, this is the 30th 😀 I managed to reach my target before the end of this year :p hehehhee….

Three days ago, I and my Indonesian friends in Tokyo were having a ski and snowboarding trip to Hakuba Sanosaka. The place was really close to Hakuba Goryu, the last ski place which I went to with my labmates. However, this time, we got 40 people in Total 😀 Amazing isn`t it? 🙂 Most of them are first timer for ski or snowboarding. I went along since I was thinking of trying snowboarding. I want to know which one is easier for me. In addition, going with other Indonesia fellows will be an exciting trip too… since at least it will be much easier to communicate :p hehehhehe….

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Learning ski from the expert :)

Hi dudes 🙂

Well… I`ve put it up this story for quite sometimes already. So, I guess its time for me to get this one online before the new year 🙂 (my target this year is to get at least 30 posts before the new year and this one will be the 29th 😀 yay… :mrgreen: )

So.. basically, me and my friends (Hibinosan, Namatamesan, Uchidasan, and Yoshikawasan) from Yoshino lab were going to a place in Nagano prefecture, Hakuba Goryu. It was done with a sole purpose, skiing 😀 heheheh… Since we don`t have winter in Indonesia, I was asking my friends to take me there and teach me how to ski. Afterall, this will be my first time to see the snow and also to know what it feels like to ski 😀 (well, I did go to snow city in Singapore and Malaysia, but those two can`t be taken as snow, right?)

Around one week before we went out for Hakuba Goryu, Hibinosan and See took me to Jimbocho to buy a few additional equipments for skiing. I guess the most importan thing is the leg and butt protector. Sad to be said, they were completely confident that I am going to fall down, a lot!!! Sighh… and even more sad, I did feel the same way too :p hehhehe…. I wasn`t very confident that I am going to pull this off unscratched. So, I kept in mind to bear it like a man. Afterall, I have to be able to ski since I need that to teach someone next year 😀

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Back to my oldself

Wow… I am getting pretty busy lately. Especially since the year is coming to its end. Quoting from my boss, “Complete everything that you’ve planned before the year end. or else… you’ll be finished!!”. Heheheh… he didn’t actually say that. But for me, it seems better if I take it that way. I need more pressure to keep myself running my engine 😀

But, personally, this kind of working load is really what I need now. Especially since I really miss someone in Indonesia, I need to keep myself busy. It helps me to keep my head clear all the time.

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Indonesian TV streaming: SCTV, RCTI, AnTV, and MetroTV

Hi dudes 😀

Well.. this one will be a short post. I really need to post this one since there were a lot of people having trouble using the “indline” tool. Well.. I really have no trouble using it, so up to now, I am still wondering why does it occured to you. Anyway, I am not going to explain the way to solve your problems using “Indline”. Instead, I am going to give you another way to do it. Much easier way of course, with more channels to choose from 😀 Sweeeeetttt… 🙂 right?

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